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Quick Recap: Game 13 FINAL SCORE Utah Jazz 108 – Los Angeles Clippers 79

Utah Jazz 108 – Los Angeles Clipper 79


More critically, though, the Utah Jazz took care of business at home, and put to bed a tired team that is in the dreadful situation of being bereft of bench depth due to injuries, and in the middle game of 3 games in 3 nights. We’ve been on the opposite side of these games before, even in the Stockton to Malone years. It was nice, for once, to see our bench guys going out there having fun. The big showdown between Blake Griffin and Paul Millsap finished in a one-sided, clear, decision in favor of Paul. He had 20 points off of a very hyper efficient 7/11 shooting. Blake had a number of nice dunks, but did most of his damage from outside of the paint – though he was baited into taking more of that shot than he perhaps should have tonight. Blake finished with 10 points off of 12 shots.

While it was only natural to hype of the match-up between these two guys; however, this wasn’t a one on one game. This was a match up between two hopeful Western Conference playoff teams. The Jazz put the clamps down, as the Clippers shot only 36.5 fg% -- I guess their better defense beat out the Clippers stunning offense. Of course, one needs to recognize that the Clippers were down some pretty amazing players. That said, we know what that’s like as well. No team is going to go easy on you when you are hurting. For once it was nice to see the Jazz not ‘go easy’ on someone.

By the way . . . Jeremy Evans is out of this world. It’s the only explanation which satisfies why he’s so disdainful of our Earth’s law of gravity.

More coverage to come – including really nerdy stats (that included who is consistently putting in work in the game threads) – all in one place, SLCDUNK.

Also please be gracious and respectful if you make the trip to the Clippers' blogs. They are good people and good fans.