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The Jazz had a Chance to Go from a Good Team to a Great Team Edition : The Downbeat 667

We suffered a tough tough loss last night to the reigning champions, Dallas Mavericks. If all of you are like me, its a hard loss to swallow. Dallas had players who played out of their minds. It seems like no matter the jersey, Shawn Marion and Lamar Odom ( Odom only had 11 points but they were timely and it felt like he had a bunch more) are going to shine against the Jazz, they had a partner in crime last night with Beaubois chipping in 17 points, including easy easy layups at the end of the 4th quarter. Lamar had been averaging 6.9 ppg on 31.2% shooting, in his first six minutes he had 7 points on 3-of-3 shooting. Seriously what have we ever done to Lamar to always have him play well against us, his Lakers teams nearly always beat us, so there isn't that but man does it get old seeing candy-loving Odom go off against us. ( I know 11 points isn't much but 4/5 from the field for in 20 minutes is pretty dang efficient)

Earl Watson is the heart and soul of the Utah Jazz. Earl is the vet leader we have been looking for since Derek Fisher left. Earl has a passion for the game and a desire to win that can't be matched. Utahjazzblitz tweeted that Watson is the anti-Boozer. I don't think there is a better description. Earl sat in his locker not facing the media for over 3 minutes last night, fuming about the loss. Earl commented about defending Favors: (thanks to Salt City Hoops for the quote)

"My teammates are like my brothers. I love all my teammates, I love my team. Its like protecting your house, you know?"

The Jazz are lucky to have Earl Watson on the team, we need that fire, we need someone who doesn't believe in moral victories.

"I'm not into moral victories, man" - Earl Watson after 94-91 loss to the Mavs.

Listen to Earl's post game courtesy of KFAN : earl watson after dallas game

CJ Miles has played just fabulously the last few games. It is the CJ we have always dreamed of, the smart CJ. The CJ that slashes to the basket instead of settling for jumpers, is active on the defensive end and capable of this....

Dirk hates Utah its his least favorite place to play in the NBA. In his first playoff series which was against the Jazz he muttered "Utah is a bad city." It is no surprise that Dirk once again lost his cool against our Jazz last night. The thing is this time he wasn't caught by the refs or they turned a blind eye, when he slapped the ball out of young Derrick Favors hands. Here are some of Dirk's other adventures in Utah.

Dirk taking out Kirilenko:

Dirk backhanding Harpring:

Marc Stein

Been hearing reliable rumblings since trip to Reno for D-League Showcase that Jazz have made it known Devin Harris is available via trade

Marc Stein
Not exactly leaping onto a limb to suggest Harris' TNT performance against his old friends from Dallas won't have phones buzzing in the SLC

Marc Stein

Yet I'm told Jazz will keep shopping him and they'll eventually find taker for Devin. PG is only 28 and has just one year left at $8.5M
I know Devin hasn't been playing well lately, but I don't know how I feel about these rumors. I love our team right now and I don't want trading Devin to cause any major shakeups with our team.