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Fesenko Friday elicits a retro Ty Corbin "struggle" face

You may not have been an internet-savvy Jazz fan back in the day, but BasketballJohn took this picture at a 2008 Rocky Mountain Review Summer League game . . . and for some reason it's been on my computer hard drive for years. The story behind this is that Fes was supposed to go into the game, but his Jersey was on inside out. The Jazz had to call a time out. This is, essentially, Fesenko at his best. Like, the blonde dye job isn't even the biggest mistake he made that afternoon; let alone day...


As always, caption away. Mine after the jump . . .

Kyrylo Fesenko: "See Koache, I now am dressing myself right jersey sides outs."

Tyrone Corbin: "... you're also not wearing any shorts..."