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Happy Birthday Mark Eaton (and other January Jazz babies)

This is a new feature, that we'll have every month (OR EVERY DAY! Nope...) where we give a special shout out to all the Jazz players on their birth month and/or day. January babies are very special, and this group features a pretty good starting line-up.

  • Jan 4th: Al Jefferson
  • Jan 4th: Mel Bennett
  • Jan 6th: Paul Grant
  • Jan 11th: Darryl Dawkins
  • Jan 11th: Andre Wakefield
  • Jan 14th: Ron Behagen
  • Jan 15th: Roger Powell, Jr. (Preeti's fav Jazz player ever)
  • Jan 15th: Felton Spencer
  • Jan 17th: Sam Worthen
  • Jan 18th: Bobby Hansen
  • Jan 19th: Andy Toolson
  • Jan 20th: Chris Morris
  • Jan 20th: Paul Griffin
  • Jan 21st: Michael Ruffin
  • Jan 24th: Big Mark Eaton
  • Jan 27th: Russ Lee

Happy Birthday guys, and thanks for being part of our Jazz Family!