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Game 17 – January 27, 2012: Utah Jazz @ Dallas Mavericks

Tonight the Utah Jazz will attempt to avenge an early season heart-breaking loss to the Dallas Mavericks. I’m not going to write much here because I have a bad head ache. So yeah, not tonight, honey . . .


Sight Reading:

There is a lot of D in Dallas – they flat out shut down teams. They are big on steals and causing turn overs. Our side? We’re a little light on defense, but have a Top 10 offense right now. We try to not turn it over ever. Furthermore, we do play some defense by blocking shots. Ultimately, this is going to be a rebounding issue. We’re Tops in keeping the other team off the glass; and they are 5th best in getting rebounds.


Much more info after the jump!


We hosted these guys a week ago in our gym, and lost Mavs 94 – Jazz 91; and it was a game where the fans all over the world left bad about losing, but felt good about our team. Earl Watson was sticking up for the young guys, there were techs, there were dunks, and there was Derrick Favors getting tossed for being young. We hope to have the same time of fire in this game from our team. I hope hope hope hope we do bring it to Dallas. We have to see them 2 more times after this game, and I’d like to go back with a chance to still win the season series.


The Beats and the Rests:

Dirk is out, Odom may start (I guess, I don’t know – I haven’t really done any scouting for this game). Big Al may not play either. Harris is actually playing better than Kidd right now. I’m amazed.



Sadly, the soloists this time around are going to be their bench against ours – mainly Lamar Odom and Jason Terry vs. C.J. Miles and Josh Howard. If we win that match-up, we will probably win the game.


The Remix:

We fought hard last time, and some calls didn’t go in our favor, and we lost. The remix this time around is to play with passion and finish with a win. There is no other outcome we demand.


Liner Notes:

  • Dirk Nowitzki is out
  • Vince Carter is a GTD
  • Delonte West is a GTD
  • Al Jefferson is a GTD <-- IS A GO FOR TONIGHT
  • Raja Bell is a GTD
  • Jamaal Tinsley is out, again, with dermatitis


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