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Sacramento Kings vs. Utah Jazz – Guess the Game Score #3

Final Score: Utah Jazz ____ -- Sacramento Kings _____

Big game tonight, not just because it’s a game where BYU Alum Jimmer Fredette makes his NBA Rookie Season return to Utah – but also because it’s this week’s Guess the Game Score (GtGS) Game of the Week!

You should know the drill by now – but if you don’t we did this thing before back for when the New Jersey Nets (results here) and when the Minnesota Timberwolves (results here) came into town. What you do is guess the final score of the game – and write that down. You can do that in a number of ways:

  • You can post the score here in the comments section
  • Or you can tweet it to @SLCDUNK or @ALLTHATAMAR

It’s that easy. The Top 5 closest guesses get special props here – and their names go into the ‘Big Secret Prize’ user name spreadsheet for a chance at a real, honest to goodness, prize (that I haven’t figured out yet). It could be ANYTHING right now from a free physical examination to some Jazz merch to a $100 Gift Card to some sort of store if we get a Sponsorship deal for this spot.

Also it's free to enter. So please do! And Good Luck to everyone.