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Game 18 – January 28, 2012: Sacramento Kings @ Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz are on a two game skid, and look to finish off the week with a win on the second night of a back-to-back set. The Jazz will host the Sacramento Kings at the Energy Solutions Arena, or Delta Center, depending on your current point of view regarding radiation. (Karl Malone Interview Reference #1) The Kings are not a very good team, not according to their record (6-13 overall, 2-9 on the road); and not according to their team stats. No team in the league gets scored on more than they do. To their credit, they do have the 5th highest pace in the sport. Tyreke Evans and Jimmer Fredette headline "a pretty small in stature, but high in offensive firepower" backcourt. Evans outscores Devin Harris and Raja Bell by himself. By nearly a whole point. Ouch. Of course the game is bigger than two players, it’s a chance for the Jazz to get a win at home while the majority of the crowd cheers for a guy on the other team.


Sight Reading:

This TV game is going to be fun for one set of fan, and one set of fan alone: those who want to see Jimmer Fredette play the Jazz. I don’t think Kings fans are going to have a blast tonight. Nor do I expect pure Jazz fans to be happy with this game either. We are a better team, period. Though I expect a lot of Jimmer craziness making the game a side event to the ‘more important’ spectacle. The Prince of Provo returns to the State that adores him.


Much more info after the jump!


Since Tyreke has been part of the kings they have been very pesky for us to deal with. He’s a strong driving guard who can get to the free throw line. Sacramento is #5 in the league at getting to the line. So that’s going to be something to watch for. This will be the first meeting between these two teams this year, and the first of four. Hope they are all wins.


The Beats and the Rests:

I decided to add another row of players at the bottom here because the concept of a Top 8 is as outdated as the concept of going 10 Deep. They both no longer really exist anymore, hence, the nine dudes on both sides. We’re a better team, and for the most part, our players are better too. Al Jefferson is hurt, and so many guys on both sides are similarly dinged up. Marcus Thornton is out, so once again, our bench should have the theoretical advantage here. Particularly inside if we can get DeMarcus Cousins into foul trouble and/or brain trouble. Kyrylo Fesenko always used to have strong games against him (perhaps Cousins felt being guarded by Fesenko was beneath him?); but he’s not on the team anymore. So, expect Enes Kanter to try to have some good minutes against him. Keep in mind, that Cousins (a guy getting 15 and 11) was regarded as the better player than Derrick Favors – but Favors was picked over him. In a way, Cousins may go out there to try to prove a point.



Jimmer and the Fans . . . that is all. They may not have a lot to do with how this game ends, but they will be significant factors early on.


The Remix:

Let’s see if fans will continue booing Raja Bell – esp if he has a hard foul on Jimmer.


Liner Notes:

  • Chuck Hayes is set to return tonight, he’s a great free throw shooter. Making them, on the other hand is a different story.
  • I’m kinda tired of typing the word: Jimmer
  • Jamaal Tinsley is out, again, with dermatitis


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