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Sacramento Kings vs. Utah Jazz – Guess the Game Score #3 Results

Final Score: Utah Jazz 96 – Sacramento Kings 93

The super nerdy trend of going down from 108 entries to 96, and now from 96 to 82 makes me a sad panda. I guess some people aren’t interested in being in the running TO WIN BIG IN THE GUESS THE GAME SCORE CONTEST!! Anyway, congrats to Nathan Keller (@NathanielKeller) who is the big winner of Week 3. He guessed the final score of 95-92 – which was one point off in both the X axis and Y axis: for a totally difference of 2 off. I was feeling generous, and impressed by the great twitter handles, so there are 7 total winners of this contest who get their names in the pool for the big final prize.


Thanks everyone for playing. The next contest date is next Saturday, which will be the Jazz home game vs. the LA Lakers. Hope to see you there!