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#LetJeremyDunk- The Downbeat #674

Well Jeremy Evans was at it again last night. He had two made field goals against the Blazers and they were both dunks, pushing his percentage of made field goals that are dunks to a league leading 127%. Well done, Jeremy. Let the kid dunk. And go like all of the facebook pages promoting Jeremy Evans in the dunk contest, like this one. The Jazz and their fans have worked together to get players in the all-star festivities before and this year is no different. I think there is enough national recognition of Evans' talents at this point, that I think he ends up in the dunk contest.

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If Evans is allowed to dunk in the slam dunk contest this year, it wouldn't be the first time a Jazzman has represented the team in the competition. Darrell Griffith competed in 1984 and 1985. Blue Edwards participated in 1991. David Benoit followed in 1993. Then Jamie Watson in 1995 and Deshawn Stevenson in 2001. Stevenson and Watson both made the finals and The Illustrated Man, Stevenson actually took second place to Desmond Mason. But if Evans makes the dunk contest, he will become the first Utah Jazz man to win the competition. Book it.

Wanna know how to shoot 81% from the field? This is how:


Do you see all of those zeros? Jeremy Evans has attempted 11 shots this year and they were all dunk attempts or lay-ins. He doesn't even try to shoot anything else.

Let's talk a little more seriously about Jeremy Evans for a minute. What is his ultimate role with the Jazz? If you have seen Jeremy try to defend the paint, you may feel, like I do, that Evans is best suited for the small forward position. The problem with that is that he would HAVE to develop a perimeter game. And by develop, I probably mean, create a perimeter game. He would need to learn to handle the ball much better and obviously how to shoot outside of 6 inches from the basket. But his length and athleticism would allow Evans to become a very good wing defender, if he wanted to. I am hoping that the Jazz scratch this whole "put on weight and become a power forward" thing and ask Evans to work on his shooting and ball handling. I think that is the only way he becomes more than an exciting bench player for 2 dunks a game.

Congrats to tjm538 for being the trivia contest winner yesterday. The answer was "players that the Jazz drafted with the 19th pick." Here's today's question for more prizes. What do these things uniquely have in common and is Jazz related?

Knight, Duke, Pilot, Delta