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What is your Favorite Dunk?

Last night Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin had yet another "amazing, best dunk ever" where his hand barely touched the rim. I love his energy, but the spectacle is getting out of hand right now. In a world where we are calling finishing a layup with contact a dunk then -- well . . . it's nice to go to YouTube to see some real jams now and then. Here is one of my favs -- the Mailman dunking it over Kareem back in '88. The Jazz took the Showtime Lakers to a 7 game series in the second round of the NBA playoffs. This series is special to me because it galvanized my feelings for the Jazz. In a way, if it wasn't for dunks like this by Karl Malone I could be a blogger saying good things about other teams.

Thanks to TheMrBlue for uploading this to YouTube.

Wow. Karl Malone essentially neutered one of the best offensive/defensive forces in the history of the league (who was still around the top of his game back in the 80s) on that dunk. Kareem just didn't want to have any of what Malone was bringing on that and turtled on the court. What are some of your favorite dunks? Post yours in the comment section!