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Talking Raja Bell - The Downbeat - #656

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Is this what we can look forward to when there's a day off between home games from now on? Brian T. Smith corners Raja Bell and Tyrone Corbin to discuss Bell's apparent issues when neither side believes there is one. In fact, Smith admits as much,

"I think it's a better question for him to answer. I really don't - you'll have to ask him the question," said Corbin, who appeared caught off guard by the query and acknowledged he hasn't had a recent one-on-one talk with Bell.

I can see Corbin's look of "what are you talking about?" If Bell had a problem, you can be sure that he would go straight to Corbin and talk to him about it. He's not the kind of player to sulk and cause problems. Smith appears to be trying to create the news rather than report on it. It seems awful similar to the situation last year where he kept probing Al Jefferson for issues that weren't there.

Again, using nothing other than Bell's poor performance on the court, Smith tries to talk about Bell's frustration when nobody has said anything about it. He goes further and asks if Bell has requested a trade or plans on asking for one. First, even if he did, saying so in the media would result in a fine from the league. Second, Smith's throwing everything at the wall to see if anything sticks.

We all know Bell has struggled and is struggling. From that interview and from other statements, it really sounds like he's dealing with a lot of personal things right now. If you remember, Bell had to leave the players union meeting in November to return to Miami to be with his wife when complications arose with her pregnancy. I don't know if that has anything to do with what's been going on recently, but even if everything is going perfectly fine with the upcoming addition to his family, it's a very stressful time. Couple that with being on the road and being away more because of this season and you can see why there might be other things on his mind.

Bell's well aware of his performance on the court. But report on what's going on not what you think might be going on.

I'm not sure if this is something Jazz fans want to read or if it's something that they're finally glad to see Ostertag fess up to. From the Deseret News on his attempted comeback,

Looking back on it now with what I know now, I would change a lot of things. I would do a lot of things differently," Ostertag said. "I would have worked harder and been a better player, the player that I know I could be instead of just taking it for granted. I was 7-foot, going from there and being mediocre. I have regrets in some things and some things I don't.

It was maddening to fans so see that he could have been much better had he worked harder at things. It's too late for Tag, but maybe he could contact Fesenko?

TrueHoop takes a look at the biggest shooters in the game right now. Right now, only Kobe Bryant and Blake Griffin are shooting more than Al Jefferson. Even if you've only watched a quarter of Jazz basketball this year, you shouldn't be surprised. Shooting attempts isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if a player's true-shooting percentage -- percentage adjusted for field goals and free-throws -- is low, then this is a bad thing. Before the Bucks game, Al hadn't been going to the line at all, thus the 43% listed there. Since then, his percentage is much better at 50% though he ranks 56th in the league in overall true shooting percentage.

Last year he finished at around 53% and 29th in the league overall.

Not even the return of the Far East Utah Jazz (Nets) can generate as much interest as Jimmer returning at the end of the month. Checking StubHub and prices for the Nets game starts at $15 whereas nosebleeds for Jimmer start at $30. That's about the lowest price you'll find anywhere right now. If the Jazz wanted some more revenue, they should charge $20 for morning shootaround tickets. It would be a near sellout.

Any guesses on which Jazz players this event/club is talking about? It's a party for January 6th in the Bay Area. The Jazz will be there on the 7th to play the Warriors, but there is also a game tomorrow night. Even if the game wraps up at 9:30, they wouldn't get to the airport until around 11. An hour flight, minus the time zone change, wouldn't put them in Oakland/SF until 11 or later. I guess getting to the club by midnight isn't that late. But that's if everything goes smoothly. I imagine they would have to check into the hotel first and then wouldn't there be a curfew?

I guess it could mean former Jazz players but that would be kind of random for an Oakland/FS club to bring in former Utah players? I'm guessing one could by Bryon Russell since he follows the event's twitter account. But it also says guests with an s. Who would he bring with?