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Fesenko Friday Is Awkward

This is Greg Foster going to the Heat and then back again awkward. Shortly after I posted what was to be the last Fesenko Friday here on SLC Dunk and passed on the torch to Golden State of Mind, the the Warriors and Fess mutually agreed to back out of their one-year deal. Then it was reported he could end up in Dallas and that hasn't happened yet. So, here we are with another Fesenko Friday.

I'm not sure what Fess is up to other than playing Original Ganstaz on Facebook. Hopefully he gets signed somewhere quickly because the well is drying up picture-wise. #FesenkoFriday is growing though with a shout out from Amazon MP3 of all places proclaiming #FesenkoFriday.

So let's do this again. Let's read your best and remember to req your favorites.

Mine after the jump.

"For crying out loud Fess, there's a limit to the number of piggy-back rides that I can give a grown man should have in a day."