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Game Day: Utah Jazz (4-3) @ Golden State Warriors (2-5)

When I think of the Warriors, the first thing I remember is one of the worst games in Utah Jazz history. You know, the third-to-last game of the 2008-2009 season when we got beat were humiliated by four undrafted players and three rookies. Don Nelson didn't even coach the game. He sat in his [passenger's] seat and let Keith Smart do the driving.

Of course, Keith Smart is now coaching Sacramento, and Golden State is being coached by Mark Jackass. I mean Jackson. No I don't; I mean Jackass.

[minute of booing and hissing]

What's going on with the Warriors
After winning two of their first three, the Warriors have dropped four straight and are sitting at the bottom of the Pacific Division. Monta Ellis was quoted as saying, "I feel great about this team" after that last loss. Maybe he just feels good about himself; he's been the Dubs' leading scorer in five of their last six games.

What's going on with the Jazz
After a putrid start to the season, the Jazz have started slowly putting things together. We've won three in a row, but they've all come at home. We're perfect at home and winless on the road. The Jazz have also been lucky to have played virtually every one of its matchups so far against teams missing their stars/key players (Lakers without Andrew Bynum; Hornets without Eric Gordon; Bucks without Andrew Bogut; Grizzlies without Zach Randolph). This will continue with the Warriors, who are without Stephen Curry.

Previous Meetings
None so far this season.

Opponent Blog
Golden State of Mind

Game Time: 8:30 p.m. MST
Game Thread: 8:00 p.m. MST