Where does Favors rank among West starting Power Forwards this season?

Like my last fan post on where Hayward ranks, I'm doing my rankings on how I project these players to do in this up coming season.

I also am going to note that this list was much harder for me to evaluate when figuring out where Favors ranks because I'm trying to rank his defensive value to other players offensive value in many cases (David Lee for example-better offensive player, much worse defensive player). And holy crap are there a lot of good power forwards in our conference.

And lastly like the Hayward rankings, this one is pretty subjective.

1.Kevin Love

Elite rebounding and scoring outweighs his stuggles on the defensive end. He lead all power forwards in PPS, and was fourth in rebound rate, all while having a very high usage. Pretty impressive.

2.Dirk Nowitzki

I had a hard time placing Dirk and Blake here. Dirk isn't the greatest defender, and he even slipped offensively last season. But I think there is great value (especially in the playoffs) to be able to get off your shot anytime you want (I know we say that about Big Al, but the difference is Dirk's PPS last year was 1.3, while Big Al's was only 1.12).

3. Blake Griffin

People knock him for only being able do dunk, but is that so bad when he does it so often? Dunking is the most efficient shot in basketball, so it can't be that bad right? He was second amongs power forwards in PPS at 1.34, and he's a great rebounder. The reason I didn't have him above Dirk is that the paint clogs more in the playoffs and Blake proved to be slightly less effective (his PPS dropped to 1.25, whereas Dirk's improved once he got to the postseason).

4.Pau Gasol

I love his game. Honestly he probably deserves to be lower on this list, but not because of any fault of his own. The Lakers will again use him the wrong way (takes most of his shots outside the paint) and his usage will continue to drop.

5. Derrick Favors

Call me crazy, but when I was looking at the list of other pf's in our conference, there was no one else I'd rather have than Favors here. If Favors plays 35 minuts a game, I think he'll average 16 points per game (his pps last year was 1.28-not too shabby), 11 reb, 1.5 blk (maybe 2), all while playing better defense than any other player on this list. And here's my favorite stat about him. After the all star break, he improved his rebounding to 16.6 per 48 minutes, good for 5th in the league (2nd among PF's), ahead of players like Griffin, Noah, and K-Love. And again, his defense is better than any other player on this list, which is the main reason he gets ranked so high.

6. Lamarcus Aldridge

Portland fans ranted that he was underrated for so long that he has officially become overrated. After peeling over his stats, I can't understand how he's grouped with the likes of Dirk, Love, and Griffin. His rebounding rate is pretty middle of the road, as he had a reb rate of 12.9, good for 48 out of 84 power forwards. His defense isn't bad, but it's not great by any means. He was able to put up 21.7 ppg, which is impressive. But his PPS was much less impressive than the top power forwards at 1.26 (heck, even Favors was higher last year). He's not an elite passer, rebounder, scorer, or defender. He's good at a few of those things....and this is why I think he's overrated. 6th seems right to me.

7. DeMarcus Cousins

He's going to realize his potential eventually right? Last year he had a below average PPS of 1.16. He was an elite rebounder though, which is the reason I rank him this high. His potential however is at least top 3. Too bad he spends most of his energy making his pouty faces.

8. Kenneth Faried

The manimal had a crazy good rebounding rate for being such a little guy last season, as his reb rate was 3rd best among power forwards. His PPS (1.52) was great too because most of his shots were put backs. He can't create for himself, and he gets abused by bigger power forwards. If he was 4 inches taller, he'd probably be four spots higher on this list too. And remember, he was a rookie last year so he's likely to improve.

9. Anthony Davis

I really have no Idea where to put Davis. Rookies are hard to predict. Does he average 16-10 his rookie year and play stellar defense like Favors? Is he a 10-9 guy? I've got no clue. So I just figured to throw him in here some where.

10. David Lee

Wow, a 20-10 guy who ranks 10th among power forwards in the conference? Our conference is stacked. Lee ranks this low because his PPS wasn't particularly amazing, although above average (at 1.24). He's an above average rebounder, as he ranked 28th of 86 power forwards in rebounding rate. The reason he ranks this low though is he is a horrible defender.

11. Z-BO

The Z-BO that made that played awesome in the 2011 playoffs would rank higher. He was still a good rebounder last year, but his PPS dropped like crazy all the way to 1.14. I recognize he was coming off an injury, but the guy is getting old. I don't imagine him making a big comeback this year.....

12. Serge Ibaka

Ibaka was another player I had a hard time ranking. He had a slightly above average PPS of 1.23. He's a monster shot blocker, but almost every analysis I've heard of him is that he's a mediocre defender in every other aspect. He was 17th in rebound rate among PF's, so he was good, but not elite. Unless he becomes an elite defender (he certainly had the tools), I can't rank him higher than 11.

13. Scola- Last year he had a below average PPS of 1.15, a below average rebound rate, and was a bad defender. I'm glad we didn't pick up his

14. Boris Diaw-Great passer, not so great everything else.

15. Houston PF-Whaaaaaattt?!?!?!?!?!

Well jazz friends, let me know how you rank the West power forwards, and of course more analysis on our favorite Derrick Favors.

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