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The "Where Al Was a Good Teammate" Edition- The Downbeat #860

The daily doings of the Utah Jazz on Thursday, October 11, 2012

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

We get one more preseason game on TV. Yesterday NBATV announced that the picked up the preseason game between our Jazz and the Clips


The game is on Oct 20th, yay for more televised games!

Here is a little chart I made to keep the preseason straight:


It was driving me crazy not remembering when we were and when we weren't on TV. Having 5-of-8 games televised doesn't seem as bad.

The Jazz are having a contest to win tickets to the game on Friday:


Bill Oram wrote a nice piece on Alec Burks:

Watson on Burks:

"He’s a guy that once he gets his minutes together and once he establishes a role," Watson said, "he could potentially be an All-Star."

Corbin on Burks:

"I anticipate seeing him more on the floor on a consistent basis," the third-year coach said. "He’s had a great summer, now [that needs to] transfer over to the games. I thought at the end of last year he came on very strong for us."

Alec says:

"I know my talent will stick out," he said, "and I know I’ll find my minutes somewhere."

So three questions:

1. Will Alec be an All-Star someday like Watson says?

2. How will Ty get Alec more mintutes?

3. Do you like Alec's confidence?

Jody wrote an article on Enes:


"Even last night I heard the other big men, say, 'Don't jump, don't jump, he's going to go up and under,' " Kanter said. "Now I'm working on my hook shot, my baseline shot and really working on my face-up game."


"He's getting some different moves and not always looking at bang, bang, bang," he said. "The up-and-under move is good for him — he went to that late, but he showed some of the stuff he worked on all summer. He turned and jumped over guys and shot the jump hook, which is good, trying to get some contact to get a little space to get that shot over them."

Kanter on Al:

"In the game I talked to Al and he told me on the bench, 'This guy's doing this, this guy's doing that, you gotta do this move.' I listen to him really well and just try to do what he told me to do."

Love hearing that Kanter worked so hard this summer and able to apply it to his game. I also love hearing about Al helping Kanter. What a good teammate Al is to be willing to teach Kanter.

Our sister site Bullets Forever wrote a great piece comparing the Wizards to the Bluth family (on Arrested Development).

If you were to compare our Jazz to a TV show, which show would it be?

I threw this question out on Twitter and had a few responses.

The Brady Bunch

The Addams Family

The Simpsons

The Hecks (I didn't know this show/family)

Who is the Jazz's TV family?