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High Notes #2

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Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

What happens in the Scrimmage stays in the Scrimmage! @dianaallen @monilogue

Two perspectives: one from the ESA, and one from half way around the world. Love that the ladies are representing in Jazzland.


Amar wrote this a bit ago, but I think it needs to be revisited. Pace of Play is something that is getting a lot of buzz in articles, on the radio, and from TC himself. I have already noticed an effort to get the ball up the court quicker. The Jazz are doing this differently than they have in the past. In the past, Deron or Devin ran back towards the rebounder, or waited at the coaches line for the outlet pass. In the first two preseason games the ball has been passed up the court by whomever gets the rebound to a running wing or guard. It looks like the team is focusing on "getting the ball up the court" not on "who is getting the ball up the court." Keep an eye on the outlet passes over the next couple of weeks.


Zach Lowe's @ZachLowe_NBA NBA Grantland piece. I like Zach. I don't know him personally, but you get the feeling that he is real. He is honest, and talented. He admits when he is wrong, and is one hell of a writer. The great thing about being a good writer (because I read them, not because I am one) is that they always rise to the top. No matter how many bloggers/writers/reporters that come out of the woodworks, good writing and good thinkers rise to the top. I am glad that he will have the chance to show a little more personality on Grantland. Imagine the possibility of leaving SI to go to ESPN. Having the choice to write for both of the two greatest sports outlets of the past 50 years. He is good. Here is part of his Jazz talk in the Preseason breakdown. This is not all of it... Click on the link to read the rest.

Maybe the incumbent no. 8 seed deserves to be the favorite here. Heck, they could even leapfrog the Mavericks if things go well; there was very little difference in the big picture between Utah and Dallas last season, and the Jazz youngsters, especially Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward, should make significant progress.

A Note On Marvin Williams from Kelly Dwyer--- Ball Don't Lie

Williams, at this point, is no seat filler. He's an average player on an average team looking to improve its station. He's done well to come back from a debilitating back ailment, he's a massive upgrade on a Jazz team that was terribly outclassed at the wing position last year, and his expiring contract is a boon for both Utah and Williams' own personal interests. Life is good.

Why Losing Matters From Bill Oram

An ill-advised bounce pass to Al Jefferson stuck out to Mo Williams. Then there was that pass he knew he shouldn’t have thrown to Paul Millsap.

It didn't take Bill long to help us forget BTS. Part of me will never forget BTS, and the other part never knew him. I like Bill's writing style. It is precise and witty, and he is not stretching for either. I like this article a lot. As a fan I hate losing more than anything, but as a player there are silver linings. This article talks about some of the silver linings: personal growth, personal accountability, one's mistakes, other's strengths and so on.

AK Fix

I think part of this article is the typical NBA retoric, but AK seems to be a nice fit...time will tell.

Behind Enemy Lines. Great Writeup from Monday's Game against GSW.

I love the network. It allows you to see what other teams are saying and thinking about your team. While this post is GS centered, there are still some good thoughts on the Jazz.

There's a reason why the game was essentially tied for the first four minutes of the quarter: there was someone open on every Jazz possession, usually wide open. Thompson's manDeMarre Carroll was left open, Lee couldn't seem to keep Kanter off the boards, and that unit just generally seemed to be scrambling on defense.

Landry came in shortly thereafter at the 3:20 mark and though they did a better job defending the post, but Jefferson came in for Thompson and couldn't stop Marvin Williams at all - Williams earned 6 free throw attempts in the final 3:20 of the quarter.

From the Laker thread...These are good.

doesnt the jazz coach look like kwame?

I'm getting sick of the touch fouls against the Lakers versus the hard fouls not called against the Jazz

aw, Gordon Hayward is trying to grow a beard

I'm still trying to get used to the idea that it isn't Sloan anymore. Kanter looks like such a big bully; I don't like the guy, and he should have fouled out with all his "I don't give a damn who is in my way" play

Wait! What?!?! No foul on Kanter when he elbowed Sacre?

The refs are rigged. Man these Jazz Players play dirty