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NBA Season Previews 2012 - 2013: Utah Jazz Storylines -- Memes Part 1

Steve Dykes

NBA Season Previews 2012 - 2013:

Utah Jazz

Memes Part 1

Yes, I spend a lot of time awake. And I spend a lot of time on-line. As a result, I loves me some Memes. And yes, I am super behind on a lot of posts. But because it's criminally insane to drop 11 - 18 stats posts in a row . . . I'm mixing it up. Here's some "funny" stuff. There will be more. Be sure to add your own.


This first one (really? Perd style writing, Amar? "The story of this first meme . . . is a funny picture that some people laugh at.") is of our recently, uh, promoted (?) general manager Kevin O'Connor. For billions of years the Jazz were pretty stable, but things got out of hand pretty quickly and culminated with our Hall of Fame Coach resigning, and trading a Top 15 player away for spare parts. We dropped from a contender to a lottery team in the span of like 5 weeks. Since then (or even before then) Kevin O'Connor has been working hard. Of course, it's easy to make fun of the GM for not making a miracle in short order. Kevin has pretty much made a miracle though. Still, the popular convention would be to make fun of him for finally getting out there and making some big moves. Last season the Jazz were horrible at shooting, attempting, thinking about, designing, and making three pointers. The long ball was a significant weakness. This off-season Kevin has drafted a high scoring shooting guard with three point range in Kevin Murphy; traded for Mo Williams; traded for Marvin Williams; and signed free agent Randy Foye. All four of these guys look to change things on offense for us. Specifically, they all can hit threes. In this case KOC did improve the team, and targeted one serious weakness. I think we can say that three's aren't going to be a problem anymore. We'll be making a whole lot more of the ones we take now. (I'm not saying we'll be taking more though...)


Here we have Matt Harpring and Craig Bolerjack asking for more "Heads on Sticks". I think what this was originally supposed to mean was Harpring wanted to see those blown up player faces on sticks. The New Orleans Hornets used to parade around a bunch of Peja faces on heads whenever he'd hit a three at home. These were things the team did and paid for. Harp played during that era, but was a big misguided in asking for fans to do that. Still, these two goofs sound quite old-timey and at times fail to understand this modern era of ball. They still both beseech the fanbase to go out of their way and make stuff like that and bring it to games. Signs are fine. But professional level promotions should come from the Jazz.


Some of the best moves KOC made happened to be the moves he did not make. The Jazz did not re-sign Josh Howard. I was already setting myself up for another year of his crappiness. Glad he is gone.


One of the big stories this off-season revolved around playing time for our younger players. It was also a big story all last season. The idea is that if our younger players are TRULY good then they'll earn their time. I think the most glaring example last season was Alec Burks. Thankfully he won't have to deal with that mess again this season . . . oh right . . . the good news is that he's up for the challenge.


And yeah, Randy Foye shot well against the Clippers a few nights ago. But let's not confuse him with an actual energy guy who shows up for big games.


Of course, these previews are going to touch on all the stories in Jazz-land. One of them will ALWAYS be Karl Malone. He's a very special guy, with potentially special powers to teach ALL of our post players (young AND old).

Expect a lot of posts this weekend -- and more stuff like this too, if I get free time.