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NBA 2K13 is here - League Signup Below!

I play video games. I'm not really good at them, but not being good at something isn't usually a reason to STOP doing it either. Like, I'm not very good at stand up comedy, yet I still try that from time to time. (There will be no further questions about this.) 2K Sports, the people who make Karl Malone eternally bald, released their next game: NBA 2K13.

I have a longer post up on this game coming soon -- like how our team has lot ratings, Gordon Hayward is like our 6th best player, DeMarre Carroll isn't on the Jazz (or Kevin Murphy) by the default rosters (Kevin isn't in the game, but DeMarre is available as a FA), or how Marvin Williams has an afro.

This isn't THAT post. What THIS is . . . is a post about getting a sign up sheet for people who have the game (or will get it), and may wanna play sometimes (or even in the league!).

I'll start first -- I have the game.

Username: AllThatAmar (PS3)