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High Notes #3

The best of the web from the past seven days concerning our Utah Jazz. Featuring @YourManDevine @hardwoodhype @teamziller @mikepradasbn ‏@fosterdj

Jeff Gross @hardwoodhype

Less than a year and half removed from bidding adieu to their franchise point guard, the Jazz – thanks to some patience, solid scouting and fantastic work in the trade market – rank among the NBA’s most rapidly-improving and best constructed teams. In Al Jefferson, Derrick Favors, Paul Millsap and Enes Kanter the Jazz have, potentially, an absolutely devastating front line – deep, versatile, athletic, and with some interchangeability.

I can totally see the Utah Jazz earning the #6 seed. The injuries to Dirk, Bogat, Love, and potentially Curry should open the race in the bottom half of the west. We may have to deal with our own injury bug, but Jefferson has only missed 11 games in the past three seasons.


After all, despite barely getting off the bench for Utah during his first two seasons in the league, the Jazz re-upped Evans for three years and $5.5 million this summer. Maybe this is an indication that they knew something we don't. It was a pleasant surprise on a preseason Wednesday night ... unless, of course, your name is Ronny Turiaf.

If you are human then you should have watched this by now. If you are not human than this is even better, because Jeremy Evans does nonhuman things. @teamziller

The Utah Jazz were clearly the biggest surprise among all 16 playoff teams from 2011-12. Given how hard Utah fell after trading Deron Williams for Derrick Favors and draft picks in early 2011, the quick rebound was astounding. (Ty Corbin's sixth-place finish in Coach of the Year voting last year is some kind of joke.) But the West is strong and churning, and it'll be a struggle for the Jazz to stay in the bracket ... won't it?

This isn't a fluff piece. This is great analysis from one of the lead NBA guys on SB. Tom compares us to the Grizzlies which is a fair comparison this year. I don't think we had the shooting that they had in Mayo and Gay. While those two aren't spectacular, everyone is spectacular when you look at our shooting last year. He also points out the defensive problem that occurs when Millsap and Jefferson are on the floor together.

Marvin Williams has perfect timing. I know he is not going to be able to keep up is 18/8/4 that he had last night, but once a week would be spectacular. I am ecstatic if he runs 14/4/2 for the season. He also knows how to move with out the ball. If you watched the game last night, he was always moving on the weak side for the kick out three, and the pick and roll weak side three. It is fun to watch this team when all the players play to the best of their ability. Marvin needs to hit the outside shot consistently, but not fall in love with it (ALA CJ). ‏@fosterdj

No one has ever accused the Utah Jazz of being too trendy. Just like John Stockton defiantly ignored the whole "wearing shorts that allow circulation to the rest of your leg" thing late in his career, Utah has completely avoided the recent trend of slimming down and going small. The Jazz will start four players over 6-foot-8 this season and have two 6-foot-10 players in heavy rotation, which makes them one of the biggest teams in the league.

‏1800 Minutes were used by Bell and Howard. Imagine if we had had Marvin Williams last year; we could have made a push for the five or six seed. Ugh. By the way we still have GS #1 pick.

Still learning the ropes, so if this looks weird get mad at #UncleDale not me.