No More Excuses

Ty came into the league after losing a top 15 player, given a whole bunch of dudes unfamiliar with the system, and replacing a HOF coach. The next "season" was more like slave-labor basketball with games almost every night and no practices. He did some stuff we think was dumb. Let's face it though, he had really good excuses.

This year the excuses are gone. He has a full training camp. Everyone knows the system. The personnel is there to succeed. There are no more cop outs. He needs to perform.

He has succeeded in a few things so far. For example:

  • He implemented a fast-break type offense to go with the flex
  • Guys are using the flex instead of the "AL THE CONQUEROR" offense
  • He lets guys shoot the 3

However, he has some things he NEEDS to change. Here's my list:

  • Substitution patterns. He plays 10-12 deep when he should be playing 7-9. He never mixes guys around.
  • Al and Paul haven't cut it defensively yet he still puts them together. He needs to man up and split them up if they don't man up and defend. They can still play together only if they defend well and the offense still flows otherwise break the two up
  • Players being used wrong. He asks Favors to post up and Foye to do everything but spot-up. He can't use these guys like this.
  • Minutes!!! (need I say more on this point?)
  • End-of-game lineups and plays. He needs to understand when a defensive or offensive substitution should be made at the end of the game as well as to work off of a play instead of darn post or dribble iso.

So, what do you guys think? Where does Ty need to show improvement on now that he has no more excuses?

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