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There Is So Much to Be Excited About and Derrick Favors Is A Movie Star- The Downbeat #872

The Daily Doings of the Utah Jazz on Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wait I might get limited minutes so Foye and Mo can play together, OK that seems fair.
Wait I might get limited minutes so Foye and Mo can play together, OK that seems fair.

The Jazz look for a win against the Blazers tonight after their embarrassing loss on Monday night in the Rose Garden. It will be interesting to see Ty's adjustments tonight. Amar shared with me :


Since Ty is amazing and is better than Jerry was at this stage in his career; I really expect to see improvements after losses this year from Ty. Especially tonight since the Jazz are playing the same team as they did Monday, the Jazz's coaching staff should be extra prepared.

Jerry was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Jerry took a team of nobodies with Stockton and Malone to the NBA Finals in the 90's when the NBA was in its prime. Ty however has a better winning percentage in his first 82 games, I expect to see that tonight.

Remember this is Ty's first full training camp, that can only help!

Speaking of Stockton and Malone. They were inducted into the Utah Hall of Fame Tuesday night. Brad Rock wrote an incredible article about the event.

Both appeared fit enough, if not quick enough, to again play for the Jazz. Talk about a plan: Retire rich, keep your health and skip the game day shoot-arounds.

why we love them:

So it's hard to imagine Tuesday's affair was their career highlight. Yet both acted as though it were their first award, saying they were honored and humbled.

What made them stars, though, wasn't just their talent, but their approach. They came to training camp each year ready to roll, no assembly required. While other players tried to play their way into condition, the two superstars had passed that hurdle the previous August.

I miss Stockton and Malone. It was truly a special time in Jazz and NBA history. Like Malone said it will probably never happen again. Teams are different, players different and the league is different.

But lucky for us Jazz fans despite a different league and different players we have incredible leadership with the Jazz.

Greg knows what he is doing. KOC knows what he is doing . Dennis Lindsey knows what he is doing. Ty knows what he is doing. So though we might not have players like Stockton and Malone ever again (we won't) we are in good hands.

And although we don't have players at the same caliber of our two hall of famers, we do have great all around players who play for the team, who want to win, who are unselfish and lead by example, we have Paul and Al.

Locke is always writing on his website or posting videos on it. ( Yesterday he wrote a piece entitled "The Real Issue Confronting the Jazz Addressed Today"

Locke talks about

how the Jazz have 13 players who legitimately can demand playing time.

Depending on the rotation there remains a strong possibility that a top 12 draft pick could see limited minutes for some period of time.

Our team is so deep that someone as talented as Alec Burks could possibly see limited minutes. We are so talented that playing Burks is not a necessity.

With having so much talent things could get complicated with minutes Locke address this too:

For all the other talk this will be what determines how this team develops. The good news is Coach Corbin showed last year to be very adept at dealing with minutes confusion and individual agendas as he drove this team to the playoffs finishing the year far stronger than they started.

We are very lucky to have Ty, someone ready for the challenge, someone ready and awake. Most coaches say how being deep is a lucky problem to have. Ty will be prepared to do again what he did last year with this deep team.

Derrick Favors spent a lot of his summer at P3 which is great since he is a young player , develop the good habits now.

P3 has been posting videos of Derrick's training this summer ( I LOVE when they show up on my Facebook timeline)

Here is a short 1 min 47 second trailer for his Training Day videos:

Part 1:

a 10+ minute video of Derrick's dynamic warmups (you get to see former Jazz players)

Part 2:

Here is a nearly 14 minute video of Derrick warming up, talking and giggling:

Part 3:

Lots of jumping!

The last video to be posted so far, Part 4:

Our season begins in less than a week. I can't wait for the regular season to begin. We have so much to be excited about with this Jazz team. The world is our oyster my friends.