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The Late Edition- The Downbeat #854

Daily doings of the Utah Jazz on Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

Sorry this Downbeat is late. I usually do them on Wednesday nights but for one reason or another it didn't get done last night so here we go now!

Randy Rigby did his weekly interview with the Zone yesterday.

This statement stood out to many of us. Thanks to Moni for the exact quote:

I think we’re looking at, though, probably, at least a four- or five-year process of, of seeing him, before we might be really seeing him in, in a, more of a real breakout, and, and seeing reaching the potential that I think he has

Sorry but that statement just made me kind of want to you know... Like seriously. I love our Front Office, I love our organization but seriously four or five years? Now I could be reading this wrong and maybe he means Enes will be peaking in four or five years but to me it sounds like well we won't know what we have in him for four or five years.

I know I like Enes than most. I know it has a lot to do with how I was treated by him at practices last season. I know it has to do that he reminds me of a young exciting Memo (personality wise) I also really liked though what I saw when he was given minutes. I watched his games against the Lakers a lot this summer. Enes looked so good especially considering you know that two year break that Randy reminded us about yesterday.

I hope everyone checked out Yucca's wonderful article about Favors yesterday. I told Yucca that it was like he went inside my heart and wrote exactly how I felt.

This was fellow SLC Dunker Andy's response: (read from bottom-up)


Agree with Yucca or agree with Andy? I think Favors has way more natural talent than Al and Millsap. I love those two vet bigs and they do so much for our team. I however think Favors was a #3 pick for a reason. I think he is our future. Lets say you could chose 3rd year Al or Paul or 3rd year Favors to start your team with, who would you choose?

And I am pretty sure Yucca was comparing Malone and Favors in their 2nd years not Malone in his prime. Because well no one can compare to Malone in his prime.

I know we are all super excited for the scrimmage. Last year the scrimmage was streamed online. I asked @utahjazz if that was going to happen this year. This was the response I received:


We are also excited for the preseason games to start Oct 8th. The October 8th game will however not be on TV. I came across this :


I first heard the news from Jazzfanz. Moni of course has the best information on it. Jerry Sloan visited the Spurs training camp


I still have a hard time with Jerry not being a part of the team. I however feel if he had to go anywhere I would love for it to be with the Spurs. I think I said as much in the SLC Dunk podcast #3. Jerry deserves to be in a spot where he is well respected, not looking over his shoulder at losing his job, and where he will be able to be Jerry, seems like the Spurs are the only organization left for Jerry.

So there is a new flopping rule:


John Hollinger names a few players who will be impacted about this new rule:



I think just gives the refs more power, more ways to be subjective. Please tell me they'd call a flop on Chris Paul if he went up against Kevin Murphy.