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The BTS Tribute Edition - The Downbeat - #855

The BTS Tribute Edition - The Downbeat - #855

Trust me, this is going to be the best 81 seconds of your day. Via the wonderful @shandonfan:

In yesterday's DB, Diana talked about Jerry Sloan being at the Spurs' training camp.

For those of you that don't follow the Spurs' beat writers and/or do not have a sister who's a Spurs fan, here's a little bit more from Spurs Nation's Dan McCarney:

Popovich said he was thrilled to have hosted long-time Utah coach Jerry Sloan during the first two days of camp.

"Being able to just talk basketball…was really special for me, because every time the season begins everybody is doing their own thing with their own team and you don't get to do that," Popovich said. "To have him in our coaches meetings and add to what we're doing is really a win for us. I think he enjoyed it too."

The article had another Jazz-related bit:

A mysterious ‘KM’ could be seen marked on the Spurs’ two practice courts in blue tape on either side of the paint when training camp opened on Tuesday. Strips were later added stretching diagonally from foul line to baseline — forming a trapezoid, not a parallelogram, as Bonner astutely corrected a member of the media. ...

Bonner revealed the identity of the mystery initials and stripes — the Karl Malone line, a visual guide for defenders to indicate when they should body up or play their opponent to drive the ball.

The article went on to mention that Jazz Killer Matt Bonner, who we will sign once he reaches the nice, veteran-y, experienced age of 35--you heard it here first--spent the practice working on his three-point shot. Just what we need.

Click through for a bit on how Pop distributed DVDs of the presidential debate to all of his players.

We had Too Big Yo. We had the Safe-For-Work CJ Miles.* New/old/returning Jazzman Mo Williams completes the Holy Trinity of Utah Jazz Rappers. How's that for something you never thought you'd hear said? (H/T @theutahjazzblog)

* I don't know if the video itself is safe for work. I just mean Google Image searches of this CJ are safe for work, in contrast to the other CJ Miles out there.

A couple of Tyrone Corbin quotes from training camp:

If you go to [the same move] consistently, then [opponents] will make changes for it. So once they do that, you go to something else...So I think you need to have more than one dominant thing all the time to be able to go to. The more versatile you are and get good stuff out, the better chance you have to win.

[Training camp has] been some really good play to watch. They all have their moments. You know, Al [Jefferson] on the post scoring is probably the most pro-efficient guy, but the young guys are coming along. They're getting better and they're learning.

*moni sits back, waiting for heads to asplode*

(For the record, I like Big Al. He's a good guy and a good teammate, and he wants to win. How he is used -- fans who have sat near the Jazz bench at games will tell you that Corbin often yelled at his players to clear out for Al -- is not up to him. In my opinion, I think if his coach called for a more equal distribution of shots among players and the team won games as a result, Al wouldn't give his fewer shots a second thought.)