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NBA Preseason: Utah Jazz at Golden State Warriors - Game 1

Ezra Shaw - Getty Images

Tonight the Utah Jazz start their 2012-13 season . . . . with a trip to the bay to play the Golden State Warriors. Exciting! Last season these two teams faced off four time, with the Jazz winning three of the four. The games were a lot closer than the final scoreboard suggests. The Jazz won the first game because Monta Ellis (who had 30 plus that night) missed a buzzer beater. The Jazz got beat down in game 2. Game three went to overtime, and the Jazz pulled it out while Al Jefferson was taking care of a family situation. And Game four was a decisive win for the Jazz as Golden State continued to tank.

Our team has changed two starters (at least -- Devin Harris and Raja Bell), and their has gotten healthy and reloaded in the lottery. This is still just the preseason, so I expect the Jazz to play 283 people in this game.

Fun! Jazz basketball!