I'm calling you out on this one David Locke

I'm addressing this fanpost to you, David Locke. I'm making it public because I can't let this information slide. In your podcast today you ranted about the "Core 4" and said that Burks possibly could never be as good as Randy Foye. Well, here's some stats to swallow (per 36).

FG% 3P% FTA FT% TRB AST ppp PER against
Burks 0.429 0.333 5.5 0.727 5.1 2.1 0.899 13
Foye (career) 0.411 0.366 3.1 0.862 3.2 4.3 0.907 14.4

Where is it Locke? Burks looks like he is as good last year as Foye has ever been. Now, let's throw in the "eye test." Defense is pretty much impossible to put stats too (I don't even trust the PER against stat that I listed above), but watching the 2 play, Burks is much better at defense than Foye. Burks is taller, longer wingspanned, faster, and more agile than Foye. Burks kept Kobe under control on defense. Foye couldn't do the same.

You also have also said that Burks had an "up and down preseason." Where Locke! Where did you get this idea?!? He shot 50% from 3 during the preseason and consistantly played good to great basketball.

I'm not a proponent of giving DNP-CDs to Foye. Tinsley (to old to defend a rock even and can't shoot) and Carrol (D-league quality guy) should be the ones with DNP-CDs so that Burks and Foye get minutes. You said that under pressure the Burks-Foye backcourt couldn't get the ball past half court. Well, I'm calling that out too. From what I saw, when Burks and Foye were together, Burks had no trouble getting the ball past half court. It was Foye that had trouble. Let Burks bring the ball up instead of Foye. Burks has the better handle of the two.

Burks can defend, handle the ball, pass, spot up, bring energy plays, and slash. Foye can defend decently, pass, and spot up. Tinsley can only pass. Carrol can only bring energy. Of the 4 guys I would play Burks and Foye.

I love your podcasts, Locke, but don't feed me a lie. I know Burks is as good as Foye and has potential to be better.

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