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FREE Contest: SLC Dunk Guess The Game Score #2 -- Phoenix Suns at Utah Jazz

Russell Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Guess the Game Score Contest #2

Phoenix Suns (3-3) @ Utah Jazz (2-4)

Here's the deal:

  • This contest is free, but the prizes are real
  • Last season the constest winners won giftcards to Fanzz or's Store
  • If you play you may win
  • If you don't play, you will not win
  • To win you have to win a draw at the end (there are 5 winners)
  • The draw is weighted -- the more times you win a GTGS night the better your chances of winning the final draw become
  • There are five winners for every GTGS night
  • YOU could be one of them!

Write down in the comments section what you think the final score will be. Or if you don't want to share with the class, tweet the @SLCDUNK or @ALLTHATAMAR twitter accounts.

Let's get going!

ps. If you do write down your guess here, and you are on twitter -- also include your twitter handle in your post below so I can get at you quickly.

pps. Yes, winner's for last weeks' contest have not been announced. That doesn't mean there aren't winners. It just means that I have a lot on my plate right now. But winners will be figured out ASAP!