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High Notes #6

Featuring @dianaallen @jazzbasketball1 @Hoopistani @Jimborudding @jeskeets @ValleyoftheSuns

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Thanks to all that are watching the immediate reaction videos, we appreciate it.

Here are this week's High Notes.

Do yourself a favor and watch the entire 16+ minutes of the video. I am so grateful to have fans like @jazzbasketball1 who has the talent and means to create such a video and shares with the rest of us Jazz fans to improve our fan experience.

There have been a ton of things written about Mehmet Okur, like this, from our own Diana Allen. I just wanted to share my own memory. Interestingly enough, it was an autograph party three years ago. I had recently purchased the alternate green track Jacket. The forest green one, with yellow stripes. When I got to Memo's table, he was engaging with another fan. He seemed generally interested in those that were requesting autographs. When I got the front of the line, he asked me about the jacket, and then joked about finding a similar one. It wasn't that big of deal, but it was a 30 second connection that I remember, that was special to me. Memo was always classy. Watch the video it is 16 minutes of Jazz memories.

Speaking of autograph parties..@Jimborudding uses satire to prove a great point, It's two hours... deal with it.

Listen, I know some of you feel uncomfortable with crowds and would rather not have conversations with them. I can totally understand that. So, if you don't feel like talking to them, just grunt or cough and then hum a song or something.

Lakers Fans Doing What They Do!

Security threw the two Lakers fans out of the game, but they apparently decided to stick around to continue the confrontation with the Jazz fans, he said.

It is no secret that I hate the Lakers and their fans. Two websites ago I listed 700 or so reasons for this hatred. This article sums up most of them on one page. Is this not ridiculous? They waited outside the ESA, and hunted the Jazz fans down. Amazing.

The Overdose 867 breaks down the Mike Brown Firing. I added this because the Lakers loss to the Jazz was the last straw. The TBJ guys breakdown the game and talk about the Jazz a lot, not because we are amazing and playing outstanding right now, but because we broke the Lakers. The Lakers in disarray bring a smile to my face.

Suns Jazz Recap from behind enemy lines.

Utah’s size was too much for the Suns throughout the game. Big Al Jefferson showed once again why he’s the most dominant post player in the Western Conference. He scored 27 points, grabbed 14 rebounds, and shot 60% from the floor.

It is always interesting to see what other teams have to say about our players. Especially, when those players are struggling. Here are my favorite comments from the game threads this week.

Jazz Vs. Suns

"They stomped Gortat like he was a campfire and they were Smokey the Bear."

"Favors got into his head."

Looks like Gortat left his receipt at home.

Could not return those blocks in Utah ahaha.

Lakers Vs. Jazz

maybe this team just overachieved last season as well, riding phil's left over mojo enough to counteract mb

1-4, now I'm starting to concern

We Will All Be Very Disappointed If We Allow Millsap, Favors & Kanter Dominate Our Defensive Boards..

I Want To See Dwight Control The Defensive Boards Today.. That Is Why He Was Brought Here.. Finishing Off Defensive Possessions Without The Defensive Board Is As Bad As A Turnover..

I hate Hayward

The color is awful in that stadium, looks almost celtics green... I never noticed this.

I'm done. I can't watch this any more. I'll check Twitter to see what's up.

Jazz Vs. Nuggets... um No Comment.

BallyWood: Former Jazz guy (Kenny Natt) helping build basketball in India.

Dreams—however outlandish they may seem at first—can come true! I was a 13-year-old in India when I picked up my first SLAM magazine, and as an aspiring writer and a basketball fan, it became my obsession to one day see my name in print in SLAM. Fourteen years and 100 issues of SLAM later, basketball in my own country develops as I develop professionally, and the perfect culmination of my dream comes true. India is a land of a million stories; here is just one of them.—KM

Just read the article you will be better for it. Especially, if you are a basketball fan.