Thinking positively

Something I constantly find myself needing to work on is looking at the world with a "glass half full" mentality. I often find myself looking at the negative (look no further than me griping about our opening night win b/c burks didn't get any PT). So I figured that I would do a post about a few good things going our way this year.

Our team has been living up to the nick-name "swat lake city". We are tied for first in the NBA in blocks per game at 7.9.

We've moved away from dumping the ball down to Big Al on every possession. I love Big Al, but this basketball has been a lot more entertaining this year. Right now he's getting 3 less shots a game, and many of the shots he is getting have been within the flow of the offense.

We're shooting .438% from the field right now good for 16th in the league. We're also only shooting .298% from 3, and our offensive reb rate is down from last year(2nd last year, 9th this year). What do you think happens to our offense when our 3pt% jumps up to around 38% and we get more offensive boards? We should jump up to being a top 10 offense, if not a top 5 offense.

You know how we complain a lot about our defensive lineups (well at least I do....). Right now we are 10th in the league in defensive efficiency, giving up only 97 pts per 100 possessions. I like that.

Favors is 4th in the league in blk/48 min. He's averaging a whopping 2.29 blks in only 21 minutes a game. Did anyone else notice Gortat quivering in his shoes last night??

Despite Kanters rough start, he's still netting 1.35 pps. I love the new look Kanter.

Hayward is only shooting 29% from 3,(shooting it nearly 3 times a game), yet he's still averaging 14.1 pts a game. It's great having Gman be so aggressive.

Mo is playing much better than I expected, getting 16 pts and 6.3 ast per game. (both of those are better than what Devin Harris gave us last year).

Al is getting 1.43 stl a game, which would easily be a career high for him if he kept it up.

I recently ordered pro basketball prospectus and have loved the insight. My favorite comments about our team players were about Derrick Favors, with awesome quotes like this:

"A defensive player of the year award is a possibility. So too are all star games."

"As Favors develops post-up ability and expands his range, he has the potential to be a high-volume, medium efficiency scorer along the lines of Al Jefferson or Jermaine O'Neal in his prime."

Also, schoene projections have Hayward essentially shooting 50/40/80 this year. I'd be very ok with that.

The greatest thing I've noticed about our team, is that it's almost a guarantee that we improve. If Al/Sap play to their career averages, we'll be better. If Mo/Gordon/Marvin start shooting the 3 at their career averages, we'll improve. If we start rebounding like we did last yea (both off/def reb% are down), then we'll improve. Chances are, we'll only get better from here :)

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