Trade idea

Usually hypothetical trades are incredibly unrealistic and kinda lame. It's fun to throw them out there, but really just so out there that they're not worth talking about. A few hypothetical trade ideas that I thought could have been really big for us were the ones involving Ryan Anderson and James Harden (I'm still having wet dreams thinking about James Harden in a jazz uniform).

There has been some recent talk about Eric Bledsoe being traded, because there simply aren't enough minutes at the pg/sg positions for him in clipperland (what the Jamal Crawford tearing it up?!). There have also been some rumblings about the jazz getting a point guard of the future (ok, maybe it was a leading topic of conversation this last summer). So I figure the Jazz and clippers could both help each other out.

Erick Bledsoe and Lamar Odom for Paul Millsap and Tinsley/Watson. The Clippers biggest weakness right now is front court depth, as Odom has just been awful. Throwing in Millsap to replace him transforms that team from fringe contender to legit contender. This will probably help the Clippers convince Paul to stay as well....

While losing Millsap will hurt us this year, I don't think it will hurt as much as we think. Millsap has been awesome, but I think we can all agree that giving Favors a lot of his minutes isn't going to be a downgrade. What will be a downgrade will be an extra 10-15 mintues a game for Kanter. On the flip side though, we improve significantly in the 18 or so backup pg minutes we've been distributing when we give those to Bledsoe instead of Tinsley. All in all, it's a downgrade this year, but not a big one. (side note-Odom is an expiring contract, and I figure we can give him Bell's address so they can hang out together).

Long term, this trade is amazing. We will have our pg of the future (if you're sold on Bledsoe- I am) which makes most jazz fans giddy. Bledsoe isn't a great shooter, and he's not a great passer, but he's SUPER athletic (aka Favors reincarnated as a point guard). Our defense will be demoralizing for opponents if we're throwing out a lineup of Favors/Bledsoe/Hayward/Kanter every night (I want to mention Burks in that lineup too, but who knows at this point).

So what does everyone think? Good trade for us? Bad trade for us? Not feasible, as in one of the teams involved aren't interested? Post your thoughts!

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