Jamaal Tinsley's Career Arc: Ax^4+Bx^3+Cx^2+Dx+E



Since I'm an engineer, let me list some assumptions for this post:

1) I'm an engineer

2) I like math

3) I'm a #freealecburks enthusiast

4) I believe that Burks is a Tony Parker type point guard instead of a Kobe Bryant type shooting guard (not their talent level but their style)

5) I love how Tinsley used to be able to play basketball and his current style

6) I don't like TInsley's current production

7) Tinsley had a late-career resurgence that we all loved

Because of all the aforementioned assumptions, I made some charts that will do all the talking for me. I assumed a 4th order polynomial because of assumption 7.



If you want a larger size, just click on the image. Hope you enjoy #freealecburks !

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