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NBA Regular Season: Houston Rockets (4-6) at Utah Jazz (5-6) -- Injury Updates

Game #12 • EnergySolutions Arena • Salt Lake City, UT • November 19, 2012 • 7:00 p.m. (MT) • TV: ROOT Sports RADIO: 1280 AM/97.5 FM & 600 AM ESPN Deportes

Chris Graythen

NBA Regular Season 2012-2013, Game 12:

Houston Rockets (4-6) @ Utah Jazz (5-6)

#HOUatUTA Game Stream -- The Dream Shake (SB Nation Blog) -- Rockets vs Jazz coverage

Injury Update:


Rockets Injuries --

  • Royce White (PF) OUT -- Royce is out indefinitely with an anxiety disorder. The scrutiny around his disorder no doubt feeds his anxiety as well. This, my friends, is a positive feedback loop; a system that does not have a system of checks and balances. It's not fun. He is clinically right -- if he played his anxiety level may go down. But it's his anxiety that's preventing him from getting into games right now. So bad. I feel for him.
  • Carlos Delfino (SG/SF) ??? -- Delfino missed Sunday's game in LA due to a strained groin. I don't know if it's an adductor or what, but hey, I'm not looking into it. If he plays I'm sure he'll find ways to score on us, he's a Jazz killer.
  • James Harden (SG/PF) ??? -- I read on twitter that he's sick tonight. That may mean he's playing or not playing. I'm guessing Game Time decision. Fun.


Rockets' beat writer had this to tweet:


So Delfino is out, and Harden is a game time decision for REALSIES.


Jazz Injuries --

  • Earl Watson (PG) ??? -- Earl is ??? I really don't know. We should have had a practice yesterday. Or maybe they didn't because they had a double header? I don't know. I guess we'll see him against the Sacramento Kings
  • Raja Bell (SG) OUT -- He's busy right now because he's really getting into this whole roller blading thing. He totally got knee pads and a helmet and everything. It's going to be so rad.


Advantage --

There are so many question marks, and all the usual people haven't tweeted any updated news so I'm going to call this a push. Clearly if Harden doesn't play that makes life easier for us; however, that doesn't mean we are going to have an easy night.