A few more trade for fun (in my best nacho libre accent)

I like this one, Jeff Teague is a pretty good player. I think we'd do it in a heart beat, but the question is whether Atlanta would do it. There is a reason they didn't try and extend him before the deadline this year, and it's because they want to have cap room flexibility next year in hopes of luring some big free agents there. This trade ensures that they don't just lose the asset for nothing if they want to go another direction. It gives them a promising young player with two 3 more years on a rookie contract.

I thought about ben gordon instead of thomas, but I don't think charlotte would go for it. Thomas' contract really is just awful. 8 mil a year for 3 more years. Both teams would question this trade I think. Is Kemba worth Tyrus awful contract? And vice versa, is getting rid of thomas contract worth the burks for kemba walker swap?

I'm not quite sure why didn't get an extension recently. If the Bucks are hesitant signing him long term (don't like his price tag?), this is probably the best deal they could get for him. There is also a millsap/burks for gooden/jennings variation as well.

I love Burks, but..... do-over???

I'm actually not as high on this trade (not sold on Knight), but I've heard variations of this trade thrown out there, so I put it up here.

Why not right? It's not like either player is getting PT with their current teams anyways.

Don't the kings need a shoot first pg???

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