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High Notes #8

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Tough decision await Jazz and their talented quartet of big men.

They've assembled the deepest young frontcourt in the NBA with Paul Millsap, Al Jefferson, Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors, who is the most promising of them all. The problem is money. Millsap and Jefferson, both 27, are going to be free agents in the summer. Can the Jazz afford to maintain their frontcourt in an expensive market that will pay Millsap and Jefferson eight figures each per year.

We can't keep all four of these guys... financially it is almost impossible to keep them and fill out our entire roster. We talked about this on the podcast, but some of you may not have heard it. We don't have one consistant guy that will dominate every night, at least right now. For the better part of 25 years we had one guy that we could count on to produce (Mailman, Williams). Right now we have a different guy stepping up every night. If you look back at the beginning of the year we have had six different guys lead the team in scoring. It is not a bad thing if we are winning. However, as fans if you can accept having a different guy step up, than you have to be able to accept one or two guys not stepping up.

Tom Ziller breaks down the Kings collapse on Friday Night.

The Kings led the Jazz by 12 with six minutes to go. Then it all fell apart.

This is pretty explanatory. Just read it.

Lakers show interest in Raja Bell

With a $100 million payroll and $30 million in additional luxury-tax expenditures, the Lakers are unsure about cutting a player, paying his salary and then paying the additional salary ($1.3 million) and tax that it would take to sign Bell.

Woj is arguably the best in the business. I don't understand this move for the life of me. I have looked at the Lakers roster, and don't see a guy that you would give up for Bell. I get the Nash/D'antoni connection, but really. Bell's defense is not anywhere close to what it was, and his speed is not there either. I don't see him fitting in the 9 seconds or less offense especially with roster they have now. From a Jazz perspective I will be glad to get rid of him. I don't like the idea of using good money to chase bad, but it is what it is.

Early Watson returns 7 months after injury

For three months, Earl Watson couldn’t walk.

90 days with no walking, crazy. I can't even imagine. I have dislocated my knee multiple times and at the most was out for a couple of days, which is nothing compared to major surgery. I am glad to have Watson back, he is a important piece of our team both on and off the floor. The craziest part about this entire injury is that this same injury back in the day used to end people's careers. It will be interesting to see if he gets the minutes over Jamaal Tinsley or not.

Utah Jazz team up with U.S. Marines in Toys for Tots Campaign.

Salt Lake City - November 23, 2012: The Utah Jazz and United States Marine Corps will host a Toys for Tots drive at EnergySolutions Arena during two upcoming Jazz home games. Toys will be collected on Monday, December 3, when the Jazz faces the Los Angeles Clippers, and again on Wednesday, December 5, when the team plays against the Orlando Magic.

Fans attending these games are encouraged to bring new toys that are not gift wrapped. Items will be collected at the arena doors by volunteers and U.S. Marines. All toys that are donated during the drive will be distributed to local underserved children.

Cash contributions will be collected by volunteers from those who prefer donating money. Funds raised will be used to purchase gifts for teens, an often overlooked demographic in toy drives.

The Utah Jazz has supported the U.S. Marines and its Toys for Tots campaign since the franchise first moved to Utah. This is the team’s 29th year of participation.

Tis the Season. I love Utah Jazz, and for more than just "basketball reasons," The article bove is one of the many off court things that the Jazz do on a yearly basis.

Plenty of Questions Surround Paul Millsap.

While Millsap has stated his preferred destination next season is Utah, his decision not to sign an extension with the Jazz is telling. He perceives his value in the coming market, behind perhaps only Dwight Howard, Andre Iguodala and Utah teammate Al Jefferson, and wants to see what the market will bear. His play so far this season is reflecting that perception.


This article was written two weeks ago, and Millsap has not played well the last four or five games. Really there is not a good explanation for it either.

Hayward on the Curl Breakdown here from Jacob Frankel

Love modern technology.

I I may be splitting hairs here. This has nothing to do with the breakdown or the play itself, it has to do with how Gordon ran the play. We have all seen this play a thousand times. You can call it the Harpring Curl, Hornacek Curl, or the Hayward Curl...whatever you want. The desired goal is to get the player the ball at the elbow with at least three options and sometimes four. Those options are 1) shoot 2) drive to the basket 3) kick out to Marvin on this play 4) pass to the screener cutting to the basket.

Hayward only had 3 options here 1) shoot 2) pass to Marvin 3) drive to the basket. He obviously shot the ball and hit the game winner which was fabulous. Here is my problem with the shot. He actually took a more difficult shot by flaring out from the pick and shooting the dreaded long two instead of curling around the pick and shooting a 15/16 footer. In a perfect world this shot should be taken closer to the free throw line than the three point line. Once again, splitting hairs. Below is the same play where Hayward takes the drive option (Fez misses his pick).