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The Jazz Beat the Spurs and it Feels Great Edition - The Downbeat #912

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Woo hoo Mo Williams hits a game winner against the Spurs and the Jazz win!

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Yep Mike sums up the game very nicely:


This was a fun game to watch. Things I liked:

  • The bench play in the 2nd quarter was awesome! They played with hustle and heart. The bench changed the entire complexion of the game.
  • Paul Millsap is back or as the Jazz advertise it "The Sap is Back!" In the post game Steve Brown asked him if he was injured earlier in the season. Paul just answered I feel great with a big ol' grin on his face.
  • Gordon Hayward played fantastically. Moni said how she thought he must have trained with Manu yesterday!
  • Favors defense in the 2nd quarter really spurred the run
  • We actually did an amazing fast break (Hayward and Foye)

I loved the reaction of the team after Mo hit the game winner . It very much reminded me of the Cleveland/Sundiata game. I think this was a a HUGE win for the team's psyche. I think good things can come from this win. Its a win that can really unite the team

my favorite moment after the game as captured by Moni


The players hit twitter after the big win


I love to see this from the players. I mean as a fan we are super excited about the win its good to see that from the players also.

When Ty was asked about the last play he said the plan was to get the ball to Mo and let him get a shot. We are so happy because the shot went in the basket. We beat the freaking best team in the league. We love it. Do we like Ty's last play call?

Foye also talked about the last play and how Mo had a really rough night up to that point so Ty thought it was good to go to Mo.

I like beating the Spurs it kind of reminds me of Memo's tip in against the Spurs a few years ago. Not the same play obviously but the same emotion.



Mo was the hero for sure but not the MVP. Who was your MVP?