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The Hawt Gordon Edition - The Downbeat - #913

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How great is the Big 3 lineup, really? And if you're an optometrist, the Jazz are hiring!


As requested in the comment section of Diana's DB yesterday, the Lip Read Mo Williams gif:

Paul Millsap's stats improved greatly from November to December.

In 4 more minutes per game, Paul is averaging +5 points, almost +3 FTA, +1 rebounds , +1.4 assists, +1 steal, and -1 TO while shooting 4.5 percent better from the floor.

You have to wonder whether his "resurgence" is directly related to the inavailability of Derrick Favors, as Millsap has said after several games that he wasn't totally comfortable playing the 3 that night. He has also said that he considers himself a PF (power forward, not practice facility or plantar fasciitis). With Favors out, Millsap is less often relegated to the perimeter as the SF.

(A few locker room cleanouts ago, I remember Millsap saying that if Corbin intended to play him more at SF, he hoped that Corbin would tell him so that he could adjust his off-season training accordingly and maybe lose some weight to be better able to defend the 3. It's beyond clear that Millsap is a hard worker and wants to be prepared, but it does not appear that he was told that he would play the 3 more.)

Anyway, this then leads to the possibility that, injuries aside, the big lineup method is not the answer or even a temporary solution to the logjam.

The big news in NBA land yesterday was John Hollinger getting hired by the Memphis Grizzlies.

@JasonForTheLove posted this great tweet in response:

The Jazz are kind of known around the league for being one of only two or three NBA teams that doesn't attend the Sloan Conference. On the flip side, team officials are always banging the drum that the Jazz are much more analyticky than the public knows.

Let's fast forward to an era sometime in the unknown future when every team in the NBA has a dedicated analytics guy. Fill in the blank (#UDQM):

The Jazz were the __th team out of 30 to make their hire. While we're making predictions, which was the last team in the NBA to bite the bullet?

(Answers do not have to be mutually exclusive.)

Karl Malone's son, KJ Malone (6'7", 300 lbs.),* has been named to the first-unit All-District 2-1A / 2012 Class 1A All-State squad. I have no idea what that means (so many numbers and letters), but it sounds totally impressive.

* I might sound creepy saying this, but I remember him when he was a baby.

According to caption on the photo of KJ Malone that you can see if you click on the link, "The 6-7 and 300-pounder helped pave the way for the Cougars’ strong rushing attack with his protection and blocking skills as a left tackle."

Since both Earl Watson's return and Mo Williams' short injury stint, Tyrone Corbin has generally taken an either/or approach to backup point guard. Obviously Earl and Jamaal Tinsley are completely different point guards, with different strengths and weaknesses. Jamaal is more of a "pure" point guard that sets his teammates up and puts his teammates in good position to score, while Earl brings more of a scrappy, energetic brand of basketball. We've had ample time to see what each can do.


1) Do you like that only one of these guys is getting the bulk of backup minutes?

2) Should who gets the minutes switch every night?

3) Team Jamaal or Team Earl?