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Memphis Grizzlies 99 at Utah Jazz 86 -- Guess the Game Score #6 Winners!

Russ Isabella and AllThatAmar

NBA Regular Season 2012-2013, Game 25:

Memphis Grizzlies (14-6) at Utah Jazz (13-11)

#MEMatUTAGame Stream -- Straight Outta Vancouver -- Grizzlies vs Jazz coverage

#GTGS Full Schedule -- Results: #1 @ SAS , #2 vs PHX , #3 @ SAC , #4@HOU , #5 vs TOR

Big Country, never forget.


Hon mention: @oaklycon @801scholar , DWest, and @bjcseven

Thanks everyone for continuing to play in this fun free game!

Sorry for the lack of enthusiasm, losses aren't as much fun as wins are!