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The Downbeat #917 - Late Again

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Oh, sweet irony.

Do defense, Gordon!
Do defense, Gordon!

I missed the game last night. Maybe the first all season. Don't worry, I got the important details. Joe Johnson had a good game against Foye. I think someone called that:


It wasn't a big deal though, as the Jazz were able to clamp down a bit and kept the Nets to 42% shooting. I'm not going to say a lot about DWill. We all have our opinions on him and his departure from our Jazz and I think its been covered enough the last few days. Besides, my opinion is right and yours is most likely stupid and/or wrong. Regardless of feelings about him, he is definitely struggling, but it seems to be mostly with his jumpshot. I think this is a good indicator of how things are going for him, from TrueHoop. He has always been good at the rim, and still is, when he doesn't settle for those long J's.

First road win vs. a +.500 team. Kind of a big deal, that can hopefully be carried over to tonight's game at Indiana. In the meantime, these things happened last night:

Gordon Hayward Chase Down Block (GHCDB), drink!:

Mo to Fav alley-oop:

Last night, there were a couple of Jazz fans at the game. I know that @2reel4you was at the game, where he posted some good pics to his Instagram. As a men's style nerd, I am in love with that herringbone floor at Barclay's and have heard that the arena is amazing. I would love to do the NBA hajj and visit every arena.

Are any Dunkers going to the game tonight? If so, post links to your Instagram or Twitter in the comments and take awesome pictures. I have heard some really great things about Banker's Life Fieldhouse as well, and would love to see your pictures.

Last week I put out a small call for Jazz related art. Here's a couple that I've come across that are great:

From @jazzfanatic7:

From @spidergraphics:

This thing exists on CBS NBA, and its pretty cool:

It has competitions for best dunks and has rankings for players with the most dunks. JaVale McGee leads all players with 68 dunks, thus far. The top Jazz dunker? Derrick Favors with 19. Yikes. No other Jazz player is in the top 50. I'm not sure that this is necessarily an indicator of a good offense, or a team good at getting easy buckets, but, I mean, it IS the most ideal shot in the game.

How does this make you feel?

Part of what makes being a Jazz fan so great, is that Jazz fans are so great. Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to meet some really great people. Genuinely kind and good people that are willing to help out another Jazz fan in any way. We have tons of members from our little community that live outside the state of Utah, and are often unable get all the benefits of being close to the home team. Thanks to everyone in the Jazz family for being so great and so willing to give your time to help another fan. After all, isn't that what this whole sports thing is really about? A random interest in the team is what brings people to the Jazz, but I believe that its the fans that make people fans for life. BZ, Jazz fans.

Look at me, getting all in the holiday spirit, and sentimental and shit.