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High Notes #9

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Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Get to Know Derrick Favors... Transcription. Not that I have checked, but is there another fan base that would transcribe a radio/TV interview. Seriously, think about that. Thank You Moni.

Murphy to the D League a Sign of more things to come.?

The Jazz announced today that Kevin Murphy will be heading to the D-League to play for the Reno BigHorns. This move means the Jazz will have 14 players on the roster and only 13 players who will see any minutes since the Jazz have yet to deal with Raja Bell. Could this be the first step towards a bigger move the Jazz are going to make? Why send Murphy down now?

We talked about this after the game tonight. The most logical explanation is that the D-League season has just begun. The Jazz may have wanted Murphy to taste the NBA and the NBA life before being moved to the D-League.

Welcome Back Derek Fisher.... (cough cough) Some old pictures of former Jazz Players

It would be fun to put together one of those Youtube time lapse videos of every Jazz player to ever be on a roster.

Derrick Favors Free Throws sink Denver

For the night, Favors was 7 of 9 from the free-throw line, giving him 20 of 25 — 80 percent — over the last six games. He was upset about the last one — it went in and out — but said his hard work is paying off.

Favors is improving on a daily basis. He is working on the small things. I love that he was playing in the clutch, and hitting clutch shots. Those are minutes/situations that will help him in the future.

Salt City Hoops Saturday Show.

Spencer and Ben absolutely killed it this week. They talk Stern/Spurs, Jefferson comments, Young guys and playing time. One thought that really stuck out to me was the idea that (I am paraphrasing here) is that our best player might not have the best mindset for the way that our roster and franchise is set up. This starts around the 25:00 minute mark. How difficult is it to break the mindset of "being a winner when your team is always losing" (MIN, BOS). I am not a psychology major by any means, I just like the way the articulated the Jefferson comments.

Quick Trip Through Memory Lane: Stockton's Game-Winning Three. Simply put. The greatest moment in Utah Jazz history.

Stockton scored 11 of the team’s final 14 points in the final minutes of the game.

I was standing on the second step in my first bachelor pad watching the game on a 56 inch T.V. We all started jumping up and down like school girls. Shortly after, we took a minivan to Millionaire Airport along with other fans to welcome the team home...

Where were you when Stockton hit the shot? Let us know in the comments.

Bear. Prophet.

Mychal is not funny.

Holding our breath till Monday.

Favors has plantar fasciitis in this right foot (officially listed as a strained right arch), and will get an MRI on the injured foot Sunday after the team returns from its three-game road trip.

Yao Ming, Joakim Noah, and Nene are other notable players that have had this similar injury. Amar broke this down for us after the game. There are a couple of things that can happen here. This can be a one time thing that keeps him off the floor for a couple of weeks and we never see it come back, or the other possibility is that it becomes a chronic problem that keeps him off the court for months and months at a time, like Nene. Nene has been out since the end of last year. Obviously we want it to be a small thing, but we will be holding our breath until Monday's MRI results and press conference.