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SLC Dunk Guess the Gamescore #4 -- Results!

NBA Regular Season 2012-2013, Game 18:

Utah Jazz 116 @ Houston Rockets 124

#UTAatHOU Game Stream -- The Dream Shake (SB Nation Blog) -- Jazz vs Rockets coverage

#GTGS Full Schedule -- Results: #1 @ SAS , #2 vs PHX , #3 @ SAC , #4 @ HOU


So contest #4 is in the books. The contest page was here, and we're getting fewer and fewer people entering in this each week. I guess people are either down on the Jazz, or the Jazz fan base. Let's get it together guys!

Anyway, great job by the winners this week!


Honorable mention goes out to @Jake_W_J , @gorn1 , and thatdoolinkid. You guys were all 1 pt off of getting points this round. Thanks everyone for playing, and let's go Jazz!