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Utah Jazz need to push the digital envelope

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Okay this is going to sound very mercenary. I get that. But let's get this out of the way -- the Utah Jazz are a team that seems to embrace the stone age at times. Or at the very least, they really do give off that impression. In the previous post I gave hypothetical gifts to the entire team, from all 15 players down to each member of the front office. And of course, most of my gifts to the coaches were cheap laughs, but there was a kernel of truth for all of my gifts. Hypothetically, they ALL really do need the things I wished I could give them.

Outside of the hypothetical realm the Jazz really DO need to figure things out in this new digital era. For a random fan who loves the NBA, has about $200 bucks, and hours to spend -- like me -- I can sign up for some great online services that help me scout the NBA all day long. I've learned so much from just being a random fan who cares. The Jazz have way more resources than I do for this type of thing, yet it seems like people really don't know as much as they should.

And by people, I mean our players and coaches.

In this new, digital era, they all should have Jazz given tablets that connect to a secure service that gets daily updates on player scouting, game reports, game film, the playbook, adjustments, and so forth. I know some players have laptops or have access to film *if they want*. But if I can manage to know which hand Tyreke Evans doesn't like to use in traffic -- for God's sake our guards should know that too. And from watching Evans destroy us his entire career, it doesn't seem like it.

So, yes, if I worked within the Jazz organization I would make sure they all had something like a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (Wi-Fi). Clearly this could be seen as an ad; but more realistically, it serves the purpose to also point out a severe need for our team. And as a blogger, this is totally my wish and ultimate dream for my team to get on board with. I'd also wish for all of our players and coaches to be a little bit more geek too. (Except for Gordon Hayward, he's geek enough) I'd love it for Enes Kanter to be watching a Jazz made-for-Enes-only video detailing key points to remember for the next game, while he's on the team plane with a tablet in his lap. It would be awesome for Jamaal Tinsley to pull one out on the sideline during elective pre-game shoot around to help Derrick Favors know where to go on a new play variation they drew up to combat the Denver Nuggets pick and roll defense. (The new play was made last practice, and added to the playbook while the team was in the air) Don't tell me you wouldn't love it for Tyrone Corbin to get a digital alert every time we could legally make a substitution at the end of games! Heck, we could even hire a defensive coordinator who sits in the second row who sends updated info during the game to Ty's tablet.

This is the new digital frontier. This is the frontier that our team really needs to embrace.

Also, yes, I don't know much about tablets -- but from what I've read about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, it looks like it would be capable of handling all the crazy things I'd love our team to be able to do. Well, almost everything, I don't know how well it can protect our defensive glass.