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The Downbeat #923 - The Christmas Hangover Edition

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Whether you partake or not, you are probably experiencing some lingering effects from the Holiday rush today. The surefire cure? In my family its a Star Wars marathon and leftover Christmas food. In honor of that tradition, here's a Star Wars themed Downbeat


Luke Skywalker- I know, you want to say Gordon Hayward because they share the whole "floppy haired" white guy thing, but the correct answer is Derrick Favors. He's the New Hope. He's the one that is prophesied to bring balance to the Jazz Fan universe. He is strong with the force, but needs a Yoda and Obi-Wan to guide him and help hone his skills.

Han Solo- This one may surprise a bit, but I'm going with Gordon Hayward on this one, for a couple of reasons. First, he makes a good compliment to the raw potential of Luke (Derrick). He's a bit of a known quantity and is always there to assist when Luke is in a pinch. Yes, he does lack a bit of that devil may care attitude, but once he develops it, look out. Second, he has an awesome sidekick in Chewbacca, which Jeremy Evans most certainly is, if for no other reason than he is tall, lanky, and has long arms.

Princess Leia- Mo Williams all day. In the movies, Leia is sort of the guiding force for much of the action, much like Mo is on the court. The other reason: they're both the firebrands of their groups. The first one to jump into a scrum, hotheaded, and willing to make a split second decision; though it may not always be the best one (see: the game winner against the Spurs, and the hero mode bad plays against the Celtics)*.

Obi-Wan- This is easy. Al Jefferson. He's been the man for a long time, but also plays the very important role of mentor and teacher to the young big men. He knows that he is powerful, but has also realized that he is not to be for much longer and has accepted that his role must be expanded to teach the young ones and ensure victory in the future.

R2-D2 & C3PO- Enes Kanter and Alec Burks. The vision of this in my head is hilarious. Maybe not the best analogy directly back to the movie, but if you take into consideration that they are sort of bit players at this point, it kind of works. They may not play a huge role now, but as we all know, they will be integral parts of future victories.


Lando Calrissien- Paul Millsap is smooth as Billy Dee.

Wicket- Randy Foye. Again, this is hilarious in my head.

Admiral Achbar- Coach Ty. He's no Yoda, but he is an effective enough leader.

Anything I missed? Disagree? Expert Photoshopper that wants to make these happen? Lets see them in the comments.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas or enjoyable break for those that don't do the Christmas thing.

*Shout out to @SurlyMae for remembering that was the Celtic game