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Utah Jazz 2012 Year in Review - Part 1: Your Memories

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The last year, the calendar year 2012, was a very interesting one for Utah Jazz fans. The Lockout ended abruptly and we were made sure to have games on Christmas in 2011. The calendar flipped over and things started to go nuts in 2012. The biggest thing on a personal level was the retirement of Basketball John. The biggest thing as a Jazz fan, though, would have to have been the successful playoff push. Inbetween those two events, and all the events after the playoff push (from getting swept, losing out on some talent in the draft, to our free agency in a whole week, process, and all the stuff this season), we've had quite a few "moments".

These were individual plays, season long goals, or non-specific events that really made us smile.

In 2012 we'd had Jeremy Evans going to the Dunk contest and winning (a Jazz first, sorry DeShawn Stevenson, Blue Edwards, David Benoit, Darrell Griffith, and Jamie Watson I think ...). We had 'The Hug'. And we had the Summer of Enes.

What were some of your favorite memories in 2012?