Locke on Big Al-- Yes, this is a conspiracy theory

Answer-hardly. And if he does, he quickly makes an excuse as to why our team needs him and that we'll be worse without him. But that has changed the last two days. Yesterday on tip-off, he spent 15 minutes pointing out why Al is an ineffective player, something I've never seen him explain in such great detail. Usually he'll breeze by such statistics, or just halfway acknowledge them. But not yesterday.

Then last night, Locke was visibly frustrated after the loss. He was acknowledging that the loss was on our starters, and it was very apparent he thought our young guys need more playing time. Again, I've never heard him complain about the starters quite like that.

Why do I bring this up? We all know Locke hasn't been willing to say anything negative or contrary to jazz management plans (rightfully so, they employ him). Last night was the first time he had done so. So it makes me wonder, has Locke finally snapped b/c he's a fan like us whose sick of seeing the vets get time? Or does he have insider information that this team is now more willing to trade Big Al or Sap? Or maybe he now knows the team isn't going to resign Big Al?? I don't know, but I'm more willing to believe that he knows something about our vets future more than him going against jazz brass to express frustration on his podcast.

Expect a trade soon boys! YEEAAHHHH

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