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High Notes #13 The Best Utah Jazz Pieces From the Past Week.

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The Utah Jazz at the 30 game mark.

It's not hard to see why the Jazz struggle to keep themselves above average. They have only three players giving the team both above average production and significant playing time: Paul, Derrick, and DeMarre. It's hard for a team to be a great team when that is happening. Or even a good team.

As a fan, one of the hardest things to do is to be honest with yourself. It is time for Utah Jazz fans to start being honest with themselves. The stats don't back it up, the results on the floor don't back it up, and the feeling you get in your gut doesn't back it up. This team is not as good as A. they should be, B. they could be, and C. We want them to be. I don't have a solution, I just think it is time to be a little more realistic in expectations. We know that the Jazz rarely make gut reaction decisions...expecting them to make one is out of their wheel house. The stats in Jon's article help back a lot of this information up.

Why Assists Correlate to Wins for the Utah Jazz.

• Through their first 28 games this season, in wins the Jazz average 24.3 assists per game. This would represent an average good enough for 2nd in the NBA in assists

• Through their first 28 games this season, in losses the Jazz average only 20.9 assists per game. This would represent an average good enough for only 20th in the NBA in assists

As always, fantastic stuff from Clint. Clint put into stats what a lot of fans have been asking for a while, What kind of offense are we running? He does this by breaking down assists, not just the number, but percentages, and Win Loss splits. I am not going break down the offense or what it looks like here. Traditionally, under Jerry Sloan we ran first. The first two guys would run scissor cuts on the baseline, if nothing was there then we would set up into our Flex offense. The problem I see on the court is: the moment when the fast break doesn't work and we have to get into an offense. Players are out of position. which leads to a scramble offense or Iso mode which only produces assists on kickouts (which are lower % shots), and cuts to the hoop, which aren't happening as much as they used to. Spacing is a huge issue. As stated above, I don't think a finger can be put on one problem. The offense looked great against the Clippers...cutters cutting, passes were crisp, movement was great.

LA CLIPPERS GAME THREAD---Be warned this will piss you off. The quote below says it all. LOL.

“I still hold up hope that one day Jerry will ride a tractor into the stadium and save us”

Hayward on Skype talking Hoops. I like this interview very honest and down to earth.

The Point Forward Trade Rumors.

RM: If I were in Utah GM Dennis Lindsey’s shoes, I’d be working the phones to find a trade destination for Jefferson while attempting to keep Millsap. We obviously don’t know either player’s value on the free-agent market yet, but I’d be more willing to accept the range of financial possibilities for Millsap’s potential deal than Jefferson’s, largely because of the value Millsap offers as a two-way player.

Trade deadline should be interesting.

Derrick Favors Domes Roy Hibbert

Derrick Favors Official Facebook Page.. I thought Facebook died...

Ty Corbin's Comments after the Clipper Loss (Video)

Jim Nance talking Hayward's Miss.

"The one that stands out for me is the Gordon Hayward half-court heave against Duke in 2010," Nantz said.

Speaking of March Madness. What is your Best March Madness Memory? Add to comments

Mine is 2002.. It was the very beginning of successful six year run of sports betting and poker. I won't get into all the details, but I won my bracket and 1300 dollar in Vegas. Juan Dixon and Chris Wilcox have special place in my heart.