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Clearing More Time For Favors - The Downbeat #906

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Utah Jazz beat the Orlando Magic. Al goes down with back spasms. Is former Jazz player Jacque Vauhn a good coach?

SB Nation had only photos of the Lakers so we get Moni's greatness!
SB Nation had only photos of the Lakers so we get Moni's greatness!

The Jazz win! It was a boring ugly game. We should never ever have let Orlando make such a run in the 4th quarter. Orlando took a 79-78 lead after trailing 70-59. That is 20-8 run. That should not happen when we clearly are the more talented team.

Not much stood out in this game besides Paul Millsap's incredible first half and Al's incredible game. Al had a season high of 31 points.

Unfortunately Al left the game with back spasms. Al looked to be in a lot of pain, it made me sad.


Hopefully it won't be too long before we see Al doing this again:

So say Al is out for awhile. What do we do? I think I saw a tweet that Favors said he plans on returning Friday against the Raptors but I haven't seen anything official regarding Favors. If Favors and Al can't go, we go from being deep deep to shallow shallow.

@Peter_J_ Novak tweeted:


Do you see Raja getting bought out so we can sign another big or does Raja just keep being a Jazz player from Miami?

This game wasn't the greatest. It seems like the Jazz didn't find a flow for the most part. There were some sweet passes in the first half but that was few and far between.

Do you agree with @My_Lo



It does seem like despite our win Ty was out coached. It bugs me when things like this happen:


Seriously Foye played horribly minus that one shot that put us back ahead. Why not play Hayward? Orlando attacked Foye to no end! I understand that Ty trusts the vets. I understand that coaches don't think about contracts but Ty knows that these dudes most likely won't be back at least not most of them. So why are they getting the experience players that are hopefully going to be here for the long haul, need?

Here are the standings this is what our vets and expiring contract players being the main players are getting us:


We are barely hanging in the playoffs, the graphic during the game showed that we were out of the playoffs before this win.

With Al and Favors possibly out and the West so dang tight. Does our standing influence whether we sign someone by releasing Raja or whether we make a trade? Do the injuries change our trade options?

Speaking of trades Chad Ford had an insider chat yesterday. @davidsmith1232 shared part of the chat that referenced the Jazz:




So do the Jazz want to clear more time for Favors or is that just Chad Ford's take?

Chauncy Billups received a warning for his flop against the Jazz. Jody Genessy breaks down the new NBA flopping rule and Billups warning.

Ty on the call:

"Big call,’’ Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin said in postgame remarks. "The referee saw it a different way, but I thought we did everything we could to challenge the shot and it gave them three shots.’’

Corbin continued: "I thought it may have been an offensive foul because one of the points of emphasis (for officials) is you can’t flail your arms and legs out. Mo did a good job of challenging the shot. I thought he tried to get to the side of it.’’

@prodigyJF did an awesome montage of all the Clipper flops: