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The Garbage Time vs. No Playing Time Conundrum Edition - The Downbeat - # 682

The Jazz's 3-point woes (both making and defending) have been documented and highlighted in recent losses. Ty Corbin has said that he's not a real big fan of the 3-point shot, but I think many of us were probably surprised to hear of the Jazz's new signing--DeMarre Carroll--and find out that he's not a shooter.

Earl Watson on KALL:

[Denver] emphasize taking a lot of 3s, they emphasize shooting the ball, they emphasize and encourage from long range. That's not our style of play, nor should it be. But I think we have to find a balance, because we have so many talented bigs and we have guys on the team now that's capable of being really, really good 3-pointer shooters. ...

I was reading where we are Top 5 field goal percentage offense, but we shoot the ball so poorly from the 3-pointer. But that's not really what we emphasize. We attack the paint; we go through our bigs.

When you think of all the guys the Jazz have let go of over the past few years--Kyle Korver, Wesley Matthews, Deron Williams, Mehmet Okur--your head starts to hurt. It seems like our most pressing roster need for years has been a reliable shooter.

I realize that you can't do something just because everyone else is, but when you consider the current state and direction of the NBA, should the Jazz give the three-point shot more emphasis in their offense (assuming, of course, that we have guys that can make them)?

Ty Corbin on Eric Brooks (Alec Burks)' lack of playing time (KALL):

He understand that I want to get him quality minutes on the floor, and because of where we are now and the way things are going, it's my fault. I just haven't had a chance to find minutes for him. I talked to him about staying ready, and he'll continue to work as much as he can in the time off and the time we have on the practice floor to continue to get better.

Burks' development is something I've been thinking about lately. One of the areas where he can improve is shot selection/frequency. If he's only getting garbage minutes on the rare occasion that he does gets minutes, those tendencies could get worse because what is there to do during garbage time but shoot? In other words, is playing garbage time more detrimental to his development than no playing time at all?

Some of my favorite Jazz moments are when you get to see players' personalities, and they shine through in this Jazzland post by the Deseret News' Jody Genessy:

Watson to Evans: "You want me to talk for you?"

Watson to me: "I'm his dunk agent."

Watson then talked about the viral campaign of Evans' video that showed him dunking over the 6-1 guard. "Bang. And we're pushing it—Twitter, Facebook."

Evans interrupting: "Everything, you name it."

Watson talking over Evans: "Website."

Evans interjecting again: "Photo Bucket."

Watson: "We sending out text message pictures."

Evans: "I've been on Photo Bucket."

Watson: "We’ve got G-Time putting it up on Butler highlights on the JumboTron at Butler."

Evans: "Even D-Fav's Georgia Tech. We've got all that."

There's a lot more, so be sure to click on the link above and put Jazzland in your RSS reader if you haven't already.

You know what amazes me when I think of how hard it's been for Jazz players to get All-Star recognition in recent years? How many years Karl Malone and John Stockton made the All-Star Game and started in the All-Star Game "despite" playing in Utah. Did they dominate their positions that much, or was it just a different era? Thanks to @prodigyJF, here's a Karl and John All-Star 1988-1997 All-Star mix: