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Guess the Game score contest #5: Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Utah Jazz

Tonight the Utah Jazz play host to the dah-lings of the NBA, the Oklahoma City Thunder. The only thing that could possibly rival the love that team gets are Ricky Rubio's eyelashes. OKC is supposed to win the west without any resistance from us, lesser teams. They did lose last night to the Sacramento Kings. So their supremacy remains to be seen. Indignation aside, we have no real counter to Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

You should know the drill by now -- pick the final score to the game (Indicating which team scores what), and if you are in the Top 5 you get props here at the website. Your name also goes into the draw to win the end of the year prizes. The more time you win the more times your name goes into the draw at the end. It's that simple.

Guess the game score. Post yours in the comments below, or tweet it to @SLCDUNK.