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Building stronger, healthier SLC Dunk Family ties

It doesn’t take much digging to recognize that I’m a huge Jazz fan. I’m sure the vast majority of you guys are too. Maybe you are all lucky to live with, go to school with, work with, and are married to other huge Jazz fans. Maybe not. I love this community we have here at SLC Dunk, and I think that in the next few weeks we can go a bit farther into making our community bonds stronger. Tweet-ups in the real world should be happening before every home game (if you can make it). People who have been ‘buddies’ for years on the net who live in the same city can easily expand their friendship in the real world – based primarily around the common love and devotion for the Utah Jazz.

If I could find Jazz fans in my neck of the woods I would jump at the opportunity to hang with them. I don’t have that opportunity, but you guys do.

If you wanted something a bit more structured and formal to be a part of there’s your local family run business: The Beehive Sports & Social Club. It’s run by our very own SLC Dunk family member David Marquardt (joined waa-aay back in 2010). For you twitteroo’s out there, he’s @DeMarq44. Right now you can join up in a SLC Dunk team, or heck, SLC Dunk league if there are enough people – and compete and have fun in a number of different sports. Dodgeball is still going on strong right now, and soon enough Dunkball will be starting next month. DUNK BALL! There are many more things planned this year, check it out for yourself.

Obviously, I’m a huge advocate for an active lifestyle, and those lifestyles are easier to be a part of if you include a social aspect to them. And during this trying season of ups and downs why not go through them together with some of your local Jazz fans? We all pretty much know know each other here after years of posting. Our community is small, but great. We can take the next step towards know knowing each other. Think of it like the SLC Dunk team for the dodge barrage – but for more than just one day a year.

You never know who you will be bumping into when you mix an active lifestyle with a love of sports. (Hint: take a look at the picture up top and think about that Dunk-Ball signup) Of course, this is more than just the Beehive Sports & Social Club. I love the idea of us Jazz fans getting together and developing stronger bonds with one another. We’re all fans of a small market team. But we have a big heart.

If you are interested in joining up into casual sports teams don’t be afraid to post sign ups here at the site in the fan post section – or even in the comments section of this post. If you have any other ideas of things we at SLC Dunk should be promoting / organizing / suggesting go ahead.

The reason why the Jazz usually beat super stars is because they play as a team. Jazz fans can combat lethargy, increase their energy level, and meet new friends by doing the same.