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Happy Birthday Paul Millsap!

"Happy Birthday Paul Millsap! Now go out there and kick butt!"

We remember Karl Malone's All-Star snub game where he dropped 61 on the Milwaukee Bucks in his first game back after the Lakers A.C. Green was voted in over him. Last night we learned that the Western Conference coaches did not think that Utah Jazz forward Paul Millsap was an All-Star. (Or Al Jefferson who is having a quietly more consistent season) It's Paul's birthday today, *and* it's his All-Star Snub game. I really hope he shows up, and kills it. He's playing hurt and hiding a few injuries -- but he's a warrior. We'll see if he is up to the task, and follows in the footsteps of his Louisiana Tech archetype Karl Malone.

(Also tonight is the 1 year Anniversary of Jerry Sloan's last game as a head coach. So, lots of emotions tonight.)