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Game 25 Game Thread – February 10, 2012: Oklahoma City Thunder @ Utah Jazz

The good guys against the bad guys. The Oklahoma City Thunder have the best record in the western conference, are led by two All-Stars in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook -- and in the off-season they nurse back to health injured baby unicorns. I guess that makes us the bad guys then. If that's the case, let's be bad and rough up the "teacher's pet team" that this league loves so much. The Utah Jazz are an inside/no out team that pounds it in the paint and have 13 wins somehow, despite getting nearly nothing from their guards this year. Jazz starters Devin Harris and Raja Bell, combined, average 15.4 ppg this season. OKC has three guys who average more than that by themselves.

That said, if OKC are the good guys, let's be the bad guys. And let's make life rough for the good guys.


Oklahoma City vs. Utah
Thunder Jazz
Kendrick Perkins C Al Jefferson
Serge Ibaka PF Paul Millsap
Kevin Durant SF Gordon Hayward
Daequan Cook SG Raja Bell
Russell Westbrook PG Devin Harris


  • Jazz guard Jamaal Tinsley is probable for tonight
  • Thunder guard Eric Maynor is out for the season
  • Thunder guard Thabo Sefolosha is out indefinitely
  • Thunder also without Ryan Ried, nasal surgery. I wish him the best. That must suck.
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